KEMA Once Again Achieves Strong Growth in Sales and Profits in 2010

By Kema International, PRNE
Sunday, March 13, 2011

All Business Units and Regions Contribute to the 63% Increase in the Net Result

ARNHEM, Netherlands, March 14, 2011 - Knowledge-based energy service company, KEMA (, has once again achieved a significant
increase in sales and result in 2010. For the third consecutive year in a
row, the company has realized double digit growth. The net result, excluding
extraordinary items, increased by 63% to EUR 18.6 million (2009: EUR 11.4
). On a comparable basis[1], sales in 2010 grew by 19% to EUR 245.3
(2009: EUR 207.3 million): 10% as a result of organic growth, 7%
through acquisitions and 2% due to currency effects. All business units and
countries in which the company maintains branches contributed to the growth.
Especially consulting activities ( in the area of energy
efficiency (,
smart grids (
and gas (
exhibited strong global growth. In addition, activities in the area of
testing, inspection and certification of energy equipment ( once again
exhibited strong growth. The operating result (EBIT) amounted to EUR 19.0
versus EUR 13.2 million in 2009, an increase of 44%. This corresponds
to an operating margin (EBIT) of 7.7% (2009: 6.4%).

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Key Developments in 2010

2010 was an important year for KEMA in which the company focused even
more specifically on the energy market. As in previous years, KEMA
successfully continued to anticipate developments in the global energy
sector. In particular, consulting activities in the area of energy
efficiency, gas and smart grids - in which the company managed to further
expand its leading position - exhibited strong global growth. Furthermore,
activities in the area of testing, inspection and certification of energy
equipment, once again exhibited strong growth and carried on the growth trend
of previous years. Important, generic energy trends that influence KEMA's
activities include the energy transition (,
investments in and innovation related to energy infrastructure
spx), further liberalization of the global energy market ( and a
progressive rise in the demand for independent ( testing
inspections ( and
certification ( of
energy equipment.

Another key development was the successful integration of the companies
acquired in 2009, namely Gasunie Engineering & Technology ( ) (Netherlands), Zku
( ) (Czech Republic) and Elbas ( ) (Germany and Switzerland). Furthermore,
to better anticipate global opportunities for growth in the energy sector,
KEMA adapted its organizational structure by implementing a matrix
organization with seven Global Business Lines and four regions. KEMA believes
that with these organizational changes, the company is optimally positioned
to continue to successfully implement its global growth strategy.


Innovation ( is of key
importance to KEMA. The 'Window on the World' program, which began in 2009
and takes an even closer look at client and government program developments
in the United States, countries in the European Union and in Asia, produced
many results in 2010. For example, KEMA installed new testing facilities
in the Netherlands and the United States
in the area of ultra-high voltage and (car) batteries ( In addition, various technologies were
optimized, such as those used for determining the integrity of gas pipes
( and
preventing power failures (
KEMA furthermore played an important global role in 2009 in support of the
implementation of smart grids. KEMA attaches a great deal of value to open
innovation, and brings together various parties, each with its own area of
expertise, for the purpose of achieving breakthroughs.

Pier Nabuurs, chairman of the Executive Board:

"The past year was once again a good year for KEMA. Not only did we
strengthen our position within the energy value chain; with our new
organizational structure we also positioned ourselves well to even better
anticipate the opportunities for growth offered by the energy market. We
consequently have every confidence in the future."

Key Figures (in EUR millions, unless indicated otherwise)

                                2010    2009  Movement   2009[2]
    Net sales                  245.3   207.3       18%     256.2
    Operating result (EBIT)     19.0    13.2       44%      17.2
    Net result                  18.6    11.4       63%      65.8
    FTEs (average)             1.528   1.329       15%     1.822
    Solvency                   63.4%   59.3%         -     59.3%
    Net liquidity position      92.1    86.1        7%      86.1
    Operating margin (EBIT)     7.7%    6.4%         -      6.7%


The fundamental developments in the energy markets are generally
favorable to KEMA's activities. In spite of the fact that the macroeconomic
climate still remains uncertain, the new organizational structure and the
spread of activities provide stability. On this basis and the size of the
current order book, KEMA consequently has every confidence that it will
continue to be able to successfully pursue its growth strategy, organically,
as well as on the basis of acquisitions. These projections assume similar
accounting practices and steady exchange rates, and are exclusive of
extraordinary items and unforeseeable conditions.

About KEMA

KEMA (, which was founded in 1927, is an independent
knowledge company that is active worldwide in the energy value chain, and is
specialized in high-grade service provision in the field of business and
technical consultancy, operational support, measurement & inspections, and
testing & certification. As an independent business, KEMA advises and
supports government bodies as well as producers, suppliers and end-users of
energy, and manufacturers of electricity transmission and distribution
equipment. More than 1,700 professionals work at KEMA, which has branches and
representatives in over 20 countries around the world.


[1] The comparable figures for 2009 do not include the results of the
divested KEMA Quality

[2] Reported figures, including 10 months consolidation for KEMA Quality
which was divested in 2009.

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