Mirial ClearSea Adds H.264 Support on Mobile Devices up to qHD Resolution

By Mirial S.u.r.l., PRNE
Wednesday, June 15, 2011

MILAN, June 16, 2011 -

Mirial announces that ClearSea supports
H.264up to qHD also on mobile
devices, leveraging on the hardware-based decoding
capabilities of the mobile CPU.

The support in ClearSea for H.264 up to qHD is available on most
Tegra2-based devices, such as HTC Sensation, the Motorola
Atrix 4G
, the Dell Streak 7 and many others, with qHD
(960×540 pixels) being the native resolution of the most advanced
smarphones available today. The majority of Android devices can
still enjoy H264 high quality video codec up to CIF resolution in

“Leveraging on the hardware-based encoding and decoding
capabilities of the mobile devices is the only way to get the
astonishing quality provided by ClearSea on smartphones and
tablets” said Cristoforo Mione, VP Sales and Marketing for Mirial
“and this is possible only by adopting standard-based codecs such
as H.264, that are natively supported by CPU manufacturers.”

ClearSea is the only professional personal video
solution including a software client enabling
organization to seamlessly connect Pc, Mac,
Android or iOS devices and any standards-based
H.323/SIP equipment, such as videoconferencing room

ClearSea for Android, as well as for iOS, Windows and Mac, is
available today as a service or as an on-premises solution. For
further information visit href="www.mirial.com">www.mirial.com.

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Mirial is a pioneer in software-only personal video
conferencing since 1999. The company portfolio includes a
comprehensive set of products enabling interactive audio/video
services on
any network and professional,
standards-based HD video conferencing
on any device.
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