New Study Reveals Mixed Economic Outlook

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LONDON, July 6, 2011 -


  • Study of used car values around the UK reveals mixed economic
    outlook and varied consumer confidence
  • Used car prices are a better short term indicator or economic
    outlook than house prices

The latest used car prices study by has
revealed a mixed economic outlook for the UK. With cars being the
second most expensive item most households buy, but more easily
changed than houses, the average prices of used cars around the UK
is a useful economic indicator.

The North West has the cheapest used cars in the UK. Average
prices are just £8,682 compared to Greater London, the UK’s most
expensive region, on £11,365.

But the most worrying numbers are in the South East, who have
the second cheapest regional used car prices.

According to Editor Matt Tumbridge, this
comes a shock to many, “This shock discounting of used cars in the
South East probably indicates struggling dealers, as car buyers
fears of job losses and economic uncertainty leads to them reining
in their spending.”

Dealers in the North West Can’t Give
Cars Away

NORTH WEST average car value: £8,682 (Sample size: 42,108)

Job Losses Weaken Car Buying
Confidence in South East

SOUTH EAST average car value: £9,043 (Sample size: 51,263)

London’s Used Car Rip-Offs

GREATER LONDON average car value: £11,365 (Sample size:

Scotland Matches UK Car Prices

SCOTLAND average car value: £9,280 (Sample size: 30,816)

Northern Ireland No Different to

NORTHERN IRELAND average car value: £9,366 (Sample size:

North East Dealers Play Fair

NORTH EAST average car value: £10,049 (Sample size: 25,512)

East Midlands & Scotland Seeing
Average Economic Outlook

EAST MIDLANDS average car value: £9,263 (Sample size:

West Midlands Mixed Outlook

WEST MIDLANDS average car value: £10,525 (Sample size:

Wales Consumer Confidence Weak

WALES average car value: £9,151 (Sample size: 10,176)

South West Sits On Economic Fence

SOUTH WEST average car value: £9,284 (Sample size: 39,494)

On the economic outlook, Tumbridge concluded, “The picture is
very mixed and likely to fluctuate. It is surprising and worrying
to see the South East’s prices so low, as that is the engine room
of the economy in some ways. However, regions like East Anglia are
holding up well, so it’s not all bad news.”

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