Office Copier Celebrates 50th Birthday this Year, but let's Hope Your Office Furniture is not That Old!

By Bt Office, PRNE
Wednesday, March 31, 2010

POOLE, England, April 1, 2010 - According to CNN the most famous piece of office equipment has turned 50
this year. This is of course referring to the office copier.

The office copier is still a prime feature in many offices, whether it is
for printing purposes or for a five minute gossip session amongst boisterous

However, although the basic uses of the copier have remained, dimensions
of the copier have changed. According to a recent article by CNN "offices
have replaced traditional copiers with network connected multi-purpose

Office furniture ( is just as important as office
equipment although it is not always something people think about improving.

As an organisation, you probably replaced your office copier because it
was outdated, switched to faster broadband to improve your office
connectivity and download speeds, and invested in the latest flat screen
monitors to save space and keep your employees happy.

However, how many organisations can say they update office furniture for
the same reasons - to keep up to date with trends and improve functionality?

Today's trends show that pieces of office equipment/technology is
becoming smaller in size, but bigger in functionality and capability. Less
really is more… So if your employees are still sat at huge office desks
( surrounded by messy drawer units and
unused filing cabinets that barely close, now might be the time to downsize
your office furniture ( and make effective use of

Here are some suggestions to help you maximise your office space with
modern office furniture choices:

    - Opt for office desks ( with built
      in cabinets for storage - to hide a multitude of sins (otherwise known
      as paperwork) - you will know what is in there but your clients won't.

    - Invest in an executive storage wall unit - this will look more
      professional and be significantly more organised than having
      bookshelves, cabinets and files scattered everywhere.

    - Implement 'green' practices. Yes, introducing environmentally friendly
      practices such as recycling old documents and paper, and avoiding
      unnecessary printing will certainly help get rid of all that paperwork
      you might have lying around your office. It will also make you and your
      employees feel good.

    - If your organisation has employees who work out of office/from home on
      a regular basis consider introducing a hot desk option, rather than
      giving each employee their own work space if they are not going to be
      using it on a regular basis.

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For further information on BT Office Furniture, its products and services
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