Once-a-Day Grapefruit Study Sees Marked Impact on Health Indicators

By South African Citrus Growers Association, PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

CAMBRIDGE, England, July 12, 2011 -

Eating one grapefruit every day for as little as two weeks can
noticeably improve appearance and overall vitality, according to a
new trial carried out in the UK.  

As reported in The Grocer on Saturday 9th July
, the study asked 65 women to rate aspects of their appearance
and overall wellbeing - including skin, hair and weight,
concentration and energy levels - before and after incorporating
one grapefruit into their food intake each day for a fortnight. The
results included:

  • Increased levels of concentration: those who rated their
    concentration as “excellent or very good” grew from 38.4% to 80% of
  • More energy: those who rated their energy levels as “excellent
    or very good” increased from just 18.4% to 67.7%
  • Better skin: 81.6% noticed an improvement in their skin during
    the two weeks
  • Better hair: 72.3% noticed an improvement in the condition of
    their hair
  • Weight loss: 58.5% lost weight during the 2-week trial
  • 70.8% felt more comfortable with their body and noticed a
    change to their overall appearance
  • 75.4% of those who took part in the panel said they would
    continue to eat grapefruit either everyday or most days

Justin Chadwick, CEO of the Citrus Growers Association of
Southern Africa (CGA), said: “These are exciting results and
provide further good reasons for people to eat more grapefruit.

“Our study is part of the CGA’s ongoing efforts to find out more
about grapefruit and its consumers, and to promote the great eating
quality, varieties and quality of this fruit - and return this
category to positive growth in the UK market.”

For more information and results from this study - and to see
verbatim quotes from the people who took part in this study, please
visit: href="www.sagrapfruitchallenge.com/">www.sagrapfruitchallenge.com

Notes to Editors:

  • Opinion Matters carried out this study, which was commissioned
    by the South African Citrus Growers Association (CGA)
  • The trial took place between 28th April and
    6th June 2011
  • The grapefruit campaign focuses particularly on the natural
    sweetness of modern varieties of grapefruit, particularly red
    variety Star Ruby

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