RAC Implements TAAP Vehicle Inspections and Scheduling System

By Taap And Rac Inspection Services, PRNE
Monday, October 3, 2011

LONDON, October 4, 2011 -

RAC Inspection Services have successfully implemented a new Vehicle Inspection and Audit system from TAAP, working with automotive partner VQS who provide system and support services. The team replaced an existing system and delivered a complete solution in just three months, reducing costs and improving customer experience.

Headquartered in Walsall, UK, RAC Inspection Services provides consumer and corporate automotive inspection and audit services using its highly skilled field force of engineers.

The new system manages the entire process: from booking an inspection with a telephone agent through scheduling the jobs, to allocating them to inspectors on their mobile devices. Once completed, data is sent back to HQ and field operations are supported by rich management reporting.

The solution uses Microsoft Azure “cloud” technology; Dynamics CRM and Windows Mobile. Automated postcode look-up and HPI checks improve customer experience.

The scheduler integrates with Microsoft Bing maps so that each inspector’s location is displayed within the scheduling console, and the nearest inspector is selected automatically. A route is mapped from one job to another so that the inspector’s time is optimised and unnecessary travel costs are reduced.  The mobile application integrates with ‘CoPilot’ to deliver seamless Satnav capabilities which enable inspectors to get to the next job without delay.

This deployment integrated Microsoft Dynamics in TAAP’s platform solution. Steve Higgon commented “we selected Dynamics as it provides an extensible platform that we could easily adapt and extend to address the requirements of RAC inspection services.”

Motorola MC65 mobile devices and Gold Service support were chosen by RAC to run TAAP’s Field Force software, due to the rugged nature of the devices.

The system has already provided improvements in reporting, as RAC managers can view graphical data relating to engineers and jobs, which is invaluable for monitoring performance and customer service.

 ”TAAP, under great pressure, delivered and surpassed our expectations. The net result of our move to VQS and TAAP has made a real difference to our office and field-based teams and given RAC Inspection Services a truly great platform to leverage with our customers in the future” said Nick Reid, RAC Project Manager.

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