Refog Surveillance Software Safeguards Customers’ Privacy and Security by Disabling Monitoring of Online Banking and Payment System Websites

By Refog Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, October 6, 2011 -

Refog Inc. updates the entire range of its computer surveillance products with a long-requested feature: the ability to disable the interception of financial information. The new option effectively disables keystroke logging if a credit card number is being entered. In addition, all keyboard monitoring and logging is disabled when the user is visiting certain money transfer services and online banking websites.

The new option will significantly lower the risk of identity theft should keyboard logs generated by Refog surveillance software fall into the wrong hands. By prohibiting financial information from being captured or saved into the log file, Refog remains true to its long-standing commitment of safeguarding privacy and security of its customers.

The new option is available immediately in all Refog software equipped with keyboard logging. The affected products include REFOG Personal Monitor, REFOG Keylogger, REFOG Employee Monitor, and REFOG Terminal Monitor. Refog Inc. considers this an important security update, and advises all customers to update their version of Refog software as soon as possible.

The list of supported financial platforms currently includes popular money transfer services and payment systems such as Paypal and Moneybookers, as well as a growing list of online banking platforms such as those used by Citibank, Bank of America, Alfa Bank, SBRF, Telebank, UBS, HSBC, Nordea, Gemoney, State Mentlook, Swedbank, and Unicredit. Refog will continue extending the list of supported banking and payment platforms to further enhance security and protect privacy of its customers.

About Refog Computer Surveillance Software

Refog Inc. manufactures an extensive range of computer surveillance products. Its solutions range from simple, free keyloggers to sophisticated, network-enabled employee monitors. REFOG Keylogger and REFOG Personal Monitor help families with young children protect their kids from online threats. The company’s Employee Monitor helps businesses improve employee productivity without making them invest into a full-scale video surveillance system. Used by thousands of families and businesses all over the world, Refog monitoring solutions are proven to work. The latest update prevents leaks of sensitive financial information by automatically disabling monitoring of recognized payment systems and online banking platforms.

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