Sleep Right, Sleep Tight and Achieve a Healthier you in 2011

By Carpetright, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

PURFLEET, England, February 11, 2011 - We're only one month into 2011 yet how many New Year resolutions
regarding being healthier this year have already fallen by the wayside as old
temptations and habits creep back into everyday life? Luckily leading a
healthy life is not just about an expensive gym membership or pounding the
pavement every morning; it's also about getting a good night's sleep and
making the most of your time in bed. Carpetright are constantly looking at
ways we can improve the quality of our sleep and that research feeds directly
to their extensive range of high quality divan beds (, bed frames (, mattresses ( and bedding (

According to research, one in three people get less than five hours sleep
a night and lack of sleep can impact your health, productivity and daily
performance. Anything from diet to the time you choose to go to bed can
impact your sleep patterns but you can combat this with a high quality
mattress or bed. Choosing the right divan bed ( or bed frame ( can be tricky. Yet whether
you're driven by price, style or space, Carpetright stock a range of beds
engineered to aid comfort, relaxation and a better all-round sleep. Selecting
a solid top divan bed will add support while a more sumptuous sprung top
divan bed will add comfort to your sleeping experience and prolong the life
of your bed and mattress. If you're not looking to invest in a divan bed,
Carpetright also stock a wide selection of bedsteads and bed frames in a
variety of woods and metals. A new bed frame can aid restful sleep by
offering better circulation of air to your mattress as well as add to the
mood or style of the room.

An alternative to buying a new bed ( is investing in a new mattress. If
you're looking for additional support then a foam mattress ( or
memory foam mattress ( will
give additional support as you sleep while a traditional coil mattress
provides a comfortable sleep for all. If your sleepless nights are caused by
a partner then a hybrid mattress, including memory foam and open coil
springs, are constructed to ensure even the most agile of sleepers next to
you will not affect how many Z's you are able to get.

Another way to combat restless sleep is to ensure your body stays at the
correct temperature throughout the night. Amongst Carpetright's range of
mattresses and bedding products, the Coolmax collection is engineered to
control sleep temperature. The revolutionary fabric has been tested in
specialist sports clothing and now forms part of Carpetright's range of
mattress protectors and bed clothing. Reduce sweat and broken sleep by
engineering your bed to maintain optimum body temperature all night long.

Every detail matters in your quest for a good night's sleep so choose
your bed ( , mattress and bedding
( wisely. Don't be left counting
sheep by an uncomfortable divan or creaky bed frame. Support a healthier and
more productive you in 2011 with a new bed or mattress from

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