Fuel Tipped to Reach 143p Per Litre by December 2011

By Www.webuyanycar.com, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

Drivers Resort to Novel Ways to Reduce Fuel Consumption as Petrol Costs Soar

MANCHESTER, England, February 11, 2011 - Motorists predict that unleaded petrol will reach 143p per litre and
diesel will top 146p per litre by the end of 2011 according to new research
by webuyanycar.com - the UK's largest car buyer.

15% of Brits will be forced to switch their car for a more economical
model should the cost of fuel reach these predicted heights.

According to the research, the average price of fuel would need to reach
184.8p per litre to motivate the nation to change their car. This tipping
point would represent a 43% increase in the price of fuel from January 2011,
but is a possibility as fuel increased by 15% in 2010 and 30% in 2009. *

56% of drivers are already taking measures to reduce the running cost of
their car with 69% walking more, 36% of people making their car lighter by
checking the boot is empty before setting off and 35% looking ahead to see if
the traffic is slowing so that they don't waste fuel breaking.

However, a worrying 23% of British motorists admit that they are driving
out of gear (coasting) which can reduce driver control as engine braking is
eliminated, vehicle speed downhill will increase quickly and general
responsiveness may suffer.

Paul Coulter of webuyanycar.com comments: "The increasing price of fuel
is having an enormous effect on the resale value of cars as people trade in
their gas guzzlers for a more economical model and we predict that this trend
will continue in the future.

"Taking sensible measures to reduce your fuel bill such as car sharing,
ensuring you have the correct tyre pressure and carrying less in your car are
obvious steps but we urge people to stop the dangerous practice of coasting
in an attempt to save fuel."

Notes to Editors

The survey of 3,000 male and female car owners was completed online
through OnePoll in February 2011.

*According to the AA Fuel Price Report


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