So Long Book and sun Lounger … it’s Facebook that Britons use to Relax on Holiday

By Cox Kings, PRNE
Sunday, July 17, 2011

LONDON, July 18, 2011 -


The notion of how we relax on holiday is changing, according to
a survey by Cox & Kings, the luxury touring and href="">tailor-made
holidays specialist, who asked what technology Britons use on
holiday, if any.

The traditional holiday image is relaxing on a sun lounger with
a cocktail and good book in hand. However, our everyday dependency
on technology is creeping into our time off, with 73% of UK
holidaymakers relaxing by using some form of technology while on
holiday. Only 27% of us remain completely technology-free during
our time off.

However, it’s not work emails Britons are sneaking a peek at.
While 6% do still engage with some form of work when away, more
than 30% of holidaymakers are opting to kick back on the sun
lounger by logging into Facebook and Twitter, showcasing just how
routine the use of social media has become.

More women relax on holiday through social media channels, while
men unwind by checking the news online. However, nearly 30% of men
still maintain the more traditional tech-free holiday image,
compared to only 26% of women.

The younger end of holidaymakers, 34 and younger, use the most
technology, with 78% relying on gadgets to help them relax.
Regardless of silver surfers becoming more tech-savvy and
increasingly logging into social media, half of over 55-year-olds
still opt for the more old-fashioned way of relaxing on

With current technology providing access to so
many different media through one device, including phone, music,
films, books, email and web, for many people these
days their hand-held devices are an intrinsic part of
relaxing on their holidays
,” said Philip Hamilton-Grierson,
Marketing Director at Cox & Kings. As our
clients adapt to the emergence of new
Cox & Kings is adapting too, through
the likes of Facebook and Twitter and we are already starting to
get instant updates and images sent to us from clients
abroad through these new mediums, which is very exciting.

Cox & Kings offers a range of luxury tours and private
tailor-made travel to worldwide destinations.

Notes to editors:

  • Survey conducted by OnePoll

About Cox & Kings

Cox & Kings is the world’s longest established travel
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when Richard Cox was appointed regimental agent to the Footguards
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company was acting as agent and banker throughout the armed forces
and as a shipping agent. In 1922, Cox & Co merged with the
Henry S King bank, which had strong connections with India. The
bank became part of Lloyds and the shipping agency grew separately,
evolving into the modern travel company.

Today, built on the high quality service and attention to detail
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