Breaking a World Record? It’s as Easy as Falling Off a Log!

By Twinlakes Park, PRNE
Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MELTON MOWBRAY, England, July 14, 2011 -

- With Photo

‘Dangerous’ Dave is attempting to set a new world record by
spending over 24 hours on a Log Flume! To break the current world
record Dangerous Dave will be subject to a 30ft plummet over a
thousand times.

Thrill seeking; Dangerous Dave has been persuaded to take on the
record by fellow Gem 106 presenters Sam & Amy.

The record attempt is taking place today and tomorrow at
Twinlakes Theme Park in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire and began at
Thursday 14th of July at 7.30am.

The precise record Dangerous Dave is attempting is the ‘longest
time continuously riding an attraction at a theme park’. The record
currently belongs to Blaine Martin who in 2004 rode a Ferris Wheel
non-stop for 24 hours and 9 minutes in San Angelo Texas.

Gem 106 Breakfast Presenter and adrenaline junkie ‘Dangerous’
Dave said: “Everyone is saying how tough the breaking the record is
going to be, but to be honest I’m not particularly worried. I’ve
been on loads of rides over the years; I think it is going to be
great fun… You don’t get a name like ‘Dangerous’ Dave without
being able to back it up.”

Twinlakes Park Manager Sandy Gyorvari said: “We are delighted to
host such an exciting event; we have full confidence in Dangerous
Dave, We have even taken a spare log to the studio for Dave to
practice in, however we are not sure that his training regime of
sitting in a static log while colleagues throw water and wet
sponges at him will sufficiently prepare him!”

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