Spring Clean Your Office Furniture With BT Office

By Bt Office, PRNE
Monday, March 1, 2010

POOLE, England, March 2, 2010 - Say goodbye to the infamous gloomy grey skies of winter. Believe it or
not, the early morning sunshine creeping up behind the clouds can only mean
one thing, Spring is upon us.

The arrival of Spring often gives people the initiative to clean up some
of the clutter and reorganise their homes and workspaces. Why not keep in
line with the seasonal changes by giving your office a spring clean with some
new office furniture (www.btoffice.com/) and accessories?

BT office furniture, the UK supplier of high quality, value for money
office furniture, has a great range of furniture and accessories that can
help you with the office spring clean and brighten up a gloomy office. Here
are some great ideas:

    - Glass Office Desks (www.btoffice.com/office-desks/) -
      contemporary glass office desks (www.btoffice.com/office-desks/)
      can give your office a clean minimalist look. If your desk faces a
      sunny window your desk will nicely reflect those summer sun rays - so
      you can dream you are lying in an exotic beach somewhere!!

    - White Office Furniture - white office furniture (
      www.btoffice.com/) will give a clean, crisp look to your office.
      The benefit of choosing white is that it looks good with most other
      colours and materials making it a great base for creativity. A neutral
      colour also allows you to maintain your corporate identity.

    - Artificial Plants - the flourishing trees and flowers do not just need
      to be outside, bring them into your office surroundings by investing in
      some artificial plants (www.btoffice.com/artificial-plants/).
      They look just like the real thing, do not need watering or
      maintenance, and will bring a green woodland spring feel direct to your

    - Office Storage - spring clean your office by purchasing some new office
      storage (www.btoffice.com/office-storage/) to help create a
      unique office space and achieve a clutter free environment. The BT
      Office range of storage includes filing cabinets, cupboards,
      bookshelves and sideboards available in both metal and wood.

If you are ready to add a touch of spring to your office and give your
office a much needed clean then visit BT office to check out their fantastic
range of office furniture and accessories:

About BT Office Furniture

BT Office Furniture is a national, privately owned company founded in
1994 which supplies and installs office furniture in the UK. BT Office has
concentrated on providing great value for money without compromise on quality
and service. Their furniture portfolio includes executive ranges that cover
both contemporary and classic designs. For orders and queries please call
+44(0)800-298-7033 or visit the website to find out more.

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Tel: +44(0)1202-699-900, Email: mail at btoffice.com

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