Why Selecting Economy Office Furniture can Beat the Recession

By Bt Office, PRNE
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

POOLE, England, October 14, 2010 - This week leading financial chiefs have voiced fears that the economy may
be heading for a double dip, labelling the country at a 34% (
risk of slipping into a repeat of last year's recession. With the risk
that things may not be improving office furniture (www.btoffice.com/)
supplier BT Office advises businesses to think carefully about new purchases
and business changes.

A double dip recession is characterised by an initial low followed by a
sharp growth, only to experience another dip, occasionally more severe than
the first.

The fears stem from the cuts issued by the Government, although they are
essential to restore the nation's economy they could pose a threat, proving
to be too much and tipping the economy back into a recession.

The Bank of England has been called upon to jump in and help the economy
back to health, enabling the country to avoid the double dip all together. So
it may not be time to despair just yet; there are some positives in amongst
the negatives.

Keeping costs low when a business is in its fledgling stages is
important, but some money must be spent. For example, an office will always
need furniture, whether it is for 3 or 30 people. BT Office Furniture offer
modern and stylish economy office furniture at realistic prices. With
complete ranges offering desks, chairs and storage all at honest prices, a
new business can display a professional front without spending all their
capital on chairs.

Although it does seem that the lifestyle of budgeting shows no signs of
disappearing just yet, life itself still goes on. Amongst the doom and gloom
there are a few beams of light, new credit is available with cost at an all
time low. Coupled with the falling rent prices making it cheaper to obtain
offices, a well thought-out business plan for a new business may offer
amazing opportunities for the brave.

To read more about making economic business choices visit btoffice.com

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please contact Derek Flood, Unit 9 Benridge Park, Holy Rood Close, Poole,
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Press Information: For further information on BT Office Furniture, its products and services
please contact Derek Flood, Unit 9 Benridge Park, Holy Rood Close, Poole,
Dorset, BH17 7BD, Tel: + 44-(0)1202-699-900 Email: mail at btoffice.com

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