Stephen Unwin Teaches Leadership Skills to Build a Winning Team

By Actioncoach, PRNE
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

LAS VEGAS, November 9, 2011 -

- East Anglia Coach is a Featured Speaker at 2012 Business Excellence Forum

In his years as an ActionCOACH Business Coach, Stephen Unwin has learned that the character of a business owner has a real affect on the success of that business. It is with this in mind that Unwin will teach attendees of the 2012 Business Excellence Forum the Leadership Skills to Build a Winning Team.

The 2012 Business Excellence Forum  will be held at the De Vere Wokefield Park in Reading, Berkshire, England on January 20 and 21, 2012.

“I’ve learned that there are three basic types of business owners,” Unwin said.  ”There are business owner that are very industrious and get a lot done, but they don’t delegate well; there are those that do delegate well but are still far too involved in the day to day activity of their business and not fulfilling the leadership role; and then there are those that delegate well and get the most out of their team whilst also having the time to look ahead plan for the long term success of their business. This third type of owner have strong businesses that are constantly moving forward. My goal is to teach everyone how to become that third type of business owner.”

Unwin has learned that developing the proper mindset for business owners can be challenging, but it is fundamental to the growth of any business.

“Without strong leadership, you are putting a lid on your business. That lid keeps your business from reaching its potential. But if you can release the lid, there is no limit to the growth of your business,” Unwin said.

All of the presentations and workshops at the event are developed to deliver high-impact strategies based on proven business methodology and information that will substantially grow small business income, profits and teamwork, but Unwin’s presentation can make a difference in all aspects of one’s life, as proper leadership leads to growth, freedom and profits for the business owner.

“A leader must be able to inspire others to their potential,” Unwin said. “When you can inspire, you release other’s enthusiasm but you also get to release some of your responsibilities. But the only way you can accomplish this is by knowing what to do and what not to do.”

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