Sungrow Inverters Listed in the Bankability List of UniCredit Group

By Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

HEFEI, China, March 16, 2011 - Recently, Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. received a letter from
UniCredit Leasing Group confirming that Sungrow inverters have been listed in
the bankability list. Therefore, Sungrow becomes first Chinese inverter
manufacturer that is listed in the bankability list by UniCredit Leasing

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UniCredit, the third largest banking group in Europe and the
sixth largest banking group in the world, is the largest bank engaged in
credit service for PV power generation and telecommunication industries in
Europe. Currently, it has 2.8 million clients with business covering 19
countries in Europe. UniCredit has performed strict investigation and
certification on Sungrow before. As the largest PV inverter manufacturer and
a leading wind power converter manufacturer in China, Sungrow is dedicated to
becoming a world top class supplier for renewable resource power generation
equipment and system solutions and developing high quality and reliable
products. Our PV inverters have passed various international certifications
such as TUV, CE, ETL, DK5940, AS4777, CEC and Golden Sun and been widely used
in the market. Currently, Sungrow products have been applied in many
countries and regions which have demanding requirements on market admission
in Europe, such as Italy, Germany, France and Belgium. And such achievements
are highly recognized by UniCredit.

Countries in Europe, the maturest market for new energies in the
world, all have been engaged in PV power generation projects and most of
these projects depend on supports of financial institutions. The listing of
Sungrow in the bankability list of UniCredit is a permit issued by European
financial institutions for Sungrow's European clients to the financing
market. It shows the recognition of Sungrow products, provides a convenient
channel for financing for customers and provides powerful supports for
Sungrow in market expansion in Europe.

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