Polyplus-Transfection Raises EUR 2.5 Million in Latest Funding Round

By Polyplus-transfection Sa, PRNE
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Additional Funds Will Enable the Company to Expand its Therapeutic Research Activities

STRASBOURG, France, March 16, 2011 - Polyplus-transfection SA, which specializes in the development
of innovative solutions for the delivery of nucleic acids in research and
therapeutics, announces the completion of a funding round in which it raised
EUR 2.5 million. This new round brings in new shareholders in
Polyplus-transfection, AIRFI (Alsace Inter Regio Fonds d'Investissement) and
Sudinnova, which have invested EUR 1 million and EUR 0.5 million,
respectively. Two of the company's existing shareholders, CIC Vizille Capital
Innovation and CIC Finance, also participated in this round.

Polyplus-transfection plans to use the funding to upscale its
research & development resources, specifically in the area of new compounds
dedicated to siRNA delivery, which recently yielded significant and promising
preclinical results in lung and prostate cancer models. These new research
programs are additional to those in which Polyplus-transfection is already
actively engaged in the area of RNA interference through its numerous
partnerships with other biotechnology companies and university laboratories.
In its joint programs with third parties, Polyplus-transfection acts as a
specialist in in-vivo intracellular nucleic acid transfer, a critical step in
any project to develop a therapy based on RNA interference.

The additional funding will enable Polyplus-transfection to
significantly expand its science team. It is planning to recruit an
additional 10 researchers and laboratory technicians in the short term, which
will increase the total to 25, out of a total workforce of 40.

"We are delighted with this funding round, which will enable
us to augment our research program into second-generation flagship compounds
for therapeutic RNA interference - an intense field of research at this
time," said the Chairman of the board of Polyplus-transfection, Dr. Gabriel
. "We have made effective, breakthrough innovations at a fundamental
stage of the in-vivo delivery process, which is directly responsible for the
problems encountered by other players in their attempts to transform
molecules (such as siRNA or miRNA) into medicines. In addition, these funds
will enable us to develop better-defined solutions and to provide many more
demonstrations of their therapeutic effects."

About Polyplus-transfection

Polyplus-transfection SA is a biotechnology company that
develops, markets and sells innovative solutions for the in vivo, in vitro
and ex vivo delivery of nucleic acids in research, bioproduction and
therapeutics. Located close to the University of Strasbourg in Eastern
, Polyplus-transfection has been ISO 9001-certified since 2002 and
supplies its proprietary range of reagents for the transfection of genes,
oligonucleotides and siRNA through a worldwide distributor network. Polyplus
reagents are involved in a growing number of clinical trials worldwide. In
addition, Polyplus-transfection holds a broad estate of patents and licenses
including original methods for therapeutic siRNA delivery. For more
information, please visit the Polyplus-transfection web site at:

For further information, please contact: Andrew Lloyd & Associates, Andrew Lloyd / Agnes Dalosi, Tel: +44-1273-675100, allo at ala.com / agnes at ala.com .

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