The Behaviour of Hotel Guests: Honesty is the Most Important Factor for the Hotelier

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NUREMBERG, Germany, January 5, 2011 - The online hotel reservation service [ ] conducted a survey amongst its German and European
partner hotels which showed that hoteliers place great value on the honesty
of their guests.

Hoteliers highly appreciate guests who pay their bill and who
do not remove items from the hotel. Almost 100% of those taking part in the
survey marked this as "very important" or "important".

Scoring more than 95% the quality of reliability came second,
e.g. no last minute cancellations and the observance of the times for
check-in and check-out. The third most important quality was held to be the
friendliness of guests to the hotel staff. More than 8 out of 10 hotel
managers are of this opinion.

Cleanliness and generosity on the part of the guest are not
held to be as important as was generally thought. Whilst approximately 80% of
hoteliers considered cleanliness to be either "very important" and
"important" clearly hoping that rooms will be left clean and tidy the
importance of guest generosity was considered far less significant and not
really expected. Tips are only considered important by every fifth hotelier. [ ] conducted this survey
amongst its German and European hoteliers through the hotel newsletter. The
hoteliers evaluated guest behaviour on the above points with "very
important", "important", "neutral", "less important" and "unimportant". More
than 700 hoteliers took part in the survey.

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