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Monday, July 12, 2010

NUREMBERG, Germany, July 20, 2010 - China:

Xian is the new leader, Qingdao is still at the end, Hong Kong
as newcommer.


Eastern European cities score really well, Tokyo and Athens
have lost ground; Ottawa is in 5th place but a new, strong entrant is
Budapest in third place.

No matter how comfortable the hotel stay, many guests are very critical
when it comes to a personal evaluation of the price paid when considering
his/her stay in the hotel. Was the room,really a bargain, or were the
facilities on offer simply overpriced?

At the beginning of the second half of the year
,the free online hotel reservation service with more
than 210,000 hotels worldwide, decided to undertake a thorough examination
of the evaluations of its booking customers in respect of the quality
received and the prices paid. Which cities' hotel operators offered good
service at a fair price, and where were the impressions less favorable?
The investigation focused on experiences of guests who had stayed in three
and four-star hotels booked through Top Cities in China

    Current value for money rating        Previous value for money rating
    1.        Xian                8.50  1.          Xi'an                7.95
    2.        Zhuhai              7.78  2.          Zhuhai               7.89
    3.        Changsha            7.62  3.          Shenzhen             7.34
    4.        Suzhou              7.36  4.          Guilin              7.196
    5.        Guilin              7.21  5.          Suzhou               7.19
    6.        Shanghai            6.99  6.          Hangzhou             6.27
    7.        Shenzhen            6.87  7.          Guangzhou            6.06
    8.        Hong Kong           6.72  8.          Kunming              6.00
    9.        Guangzhou           6.34  9.          Nanjing              5.98
    10.       Qingdao             6.25  10.         Qingdao              5.83

Xian is the new leader in China. Hotels in Xian received the
highest customer ratings. Most hotel operators were unable to keep the level
of quality offered constant compared with the price demanded, which resulted
in many cities changing places in the rankings.

Hotel operators in Qingdao apparently were once again unable
to provide convincing quality, or the prices were too high - at least
according to the reviews of guests.
However this was better than in the cities of Hangzhou, Kunming or Nanjing,
which actually dropped out of the ranking. Newcomers are the huge cities of
Changsha, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Here the hotels offered a convincing
quality/price ratio. Global Top 20 Major Cities

    Value-for-money rating first quarter 2010     Value-for-money rating
    second quarter - 2010

    1.   Lisbon         7.62            1.              Prague          7.64
    2.   Tokyo          7.60            2.              Lisbon          7.58
    3.   Prague         7.51            3.              Budapest        7.53
    4.   Warsaw         7.42            4.              Berlin          7.47
    5.   Athens         7.37            5.              Ottawa          7.42
    6.   Berlin         7.36            6.              Warsaw          7.38
    7.   Madrid         7.18            7.              Vienna          7.29
    8.   Vienna         7.13            8.              Tokyo           7.28
    9.   Ottawa         7.04            9.              Bucharest       7.25
    10.  Dublin         6.77            10.             Madrid          7.14
    11.  Helsinki       6.53            11.             Shanghai        6.99
    12.  Paris          6.18            12.             Istanbul        6.87
    13.  Brussels       6.13            13.             Hong Kong       6.72
    14.  London         6.08            14.             Buenos Aires    6.70
    15.  Washington     6.06            15.             Rome            6.70
    16.  Rio de Janeiro 6.06            16.             Helsinki        6.68
    17.  Berne          6.05            17.             Athens          6.55
    18.  Stockholm      6.01            18.             Brussels        6.54
    19.  Amsterdam      5.79            19.             Paris           6.27
    20.  New York       5.77            20.             Berne           6.27

Taken worldwide the Portuguese capital Lisbon pushed Prague
from the first place. Here the guests expressed the most satisfaction with
the quality/price ratio in the hotels that they had booked. Whilst Berlin,
Ottawa and Vienna showed some improvement, Tokyo, Athens and Paris lost a
considerable amount of ground. Offensichtlich waren Hotelkunden hier nicht
mehr ganz so uberzeugt von dem, was sie fur ihr Geld bekamen. Improved value
for money was registered by hoteliers in cities such as Shanghai, Istanbul,
Hong Kong and Rome, allowing these destinations to move into the global
rankings for the first time. Budapest even managed to leap to third place, as
the Hungarian capital's hoteliers seemed to have found a persuasive mix of
service and price. Hotels in Rio de Janeiro did not make a very good
impression in respect of the price/quality ratio. However Buenos Aires now
represents South America in the ranking. Bucharest is a new entrant which
means that Eastern Europe now dominates the top half of the ranking.

Overall satisfaction in terms of value for money rose slightly
on the international stage in comparison with the first quarter of 2010,
although many major cities that had previously been in the top 20 are no
longer present. Hoteliers in North America, in particular, are no longer able
to count value for money as one of their strengths. Particularly
disappointing is the fact that although New York improved its price/quality
ratio score from 5.7 to 6.02 it was still not enough to allow the "Big Apple"
to overtake Berne in the global ranking.

Overnight guests make their evaluations of the hotels booked
through after their departure on a scale of 1 to 10.
Apart from criteria such as room quality and the friendliness of the staff,
users can also evaluate the relationship between price and the quality on

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