The German Auction House "Lankes-Auktionen im Schloss" Presents Sensational Hidden Treasure!

By Lankes-auktionen Im Schloss, PRNE
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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DOEHLAU, Germany, April 21, 2011 -

The German auction house "Lankes-Auktionen im Schloss" in the Bavarian
town of Doehlau, presents an approximately 80-year-old, one-of-a-kind Bugatti
8 cyl. series 57, found under a pile of wood in an old barn. This old jewel
needs complete restoration, but the built-in engine and many of the original
parts are still there. The car will be presented at the best possible
occasion: the first auction held in conjunction with the world-famous Mille
race! The auction will be taking place on May, 11, 2011 in the Museum
Mille Miglia at 17:00 hrs, one day prior to the race.

The president of the auction house, Mr. Lankes, says such a discovery
would be an absolute climax in the long history of his auction house. The
details of the car are available to read in the auction catalogue, which
is available now. Amongst all the other rare and precious cars of the "Asta"
(auction) connected with the famous Mille Miglia race, the Bugatti will
certainly be the "Crown Jewel"!

As President Lankes states, it is interesting to learn how many people
are eager to buy classic cars due to a lack of confidence in banking
investments - the discovery of the Bugatti will surely cause great excitement
amongst lovers of old cars!

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