True Love After 22 Kisses

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Women Kiss 22 People, Have 4 Long Term Relationships and Get Their Heart Broken Five Times Before They Meet the One, a New Survey Has Revealed

LONDON, March 17, 2011 - They also have on average six one night stands, get dumped four times and
dump someone five times.

One in five had a child with someone else and most had lived with two men
before finding 'Mr Right'.

But the good news was that when they did meet the right man they were
likely to know within the first 4 weeks.

The survey of 2,000 women was commissioned by ( to launch their free Facebook dating website

Dean Adams, dating expert from said: "We all know how hard it
can be to find the right one but seeing it added up like this makes for quite
terrifying reading. It's a wonder we get involved with the opposite sex at

"But we all know how great it is when you first meet someone you have a
spark with. It's just a shame we have to live through so much before finding
the partner of your dream."

On average they will have dated nine men in total and would have been on
six 'bad dates' that never went anywhere.

They will have been cheated on four times and met one partner online.

They will have been whisked away on holiday or a city break with three
different men and had three long distance relationships.

On average women said they had their first boyfriend at 15 and that they
had a lot of regrets with how they had handled things in their love lives.

Men in comparison kissed an average of 23 girls, had 10 one night stands
and their heartbroken 6 times.

They were more likely to get dumped and more likely to get cheated on as

Alarmingly fifteen per cent of women also said they had ended up with a
stalker after a bad date or relationship.

Dean said: "The good news from this survey was that most of the people we
surveyed reckoned that they had found the one before they were 30 so it's not
all despair. Also, hopefully all the heartbreak and getting dumped will make
finding true love all that sweeter. "

"The good news is that ( was built to
bring safe and free online dating to the masses. We realised that people were
comfortable with Facebook and so it was natural to use the Facebook
connection as an easy way to join and because users must be a
Facebook member, this ensures a level of validation has already been
performed prior to them joining. Hopefully we can help anyone out there still
kissing frogs find 'the one'."

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