Ukrainian Crimea Strives to Become Tourism Capital of Eastern Europe

By Worldwide News Ukraine, PRNE
Thursday, May 12, 2011

KYIV, Ukraine, May 13, 2011 - The subtropical climate together with geographic location, health-resort
potential and incentives from the local government will make Crimea the
tourism capital of Eastern Europe. Such ambitious plans have been voiced by
the Crimean Prime Minister Vasyl Dzharty during his official two-day visit to
London and Brussels, reports the general directorate of information policy of
the Council of Ministers of the autonomous republic of Crimea.

During his visit to the EU the Crimean Prime Minister met with the
Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood policy Stefan Fuele
and signed the agreement on financing the "Support of the joint initiative of
cooperation in Crimea" program. According to the agreement the EU pledged EUR
12 million
to promote economic and social development in Crimea and to
facilitate further fundraising for the area starting this year, reports the
directorate. This agreement became the culminating point of the visit of the
Crimean Prime Minister Vasyl Dzharty to London and Brussels where he opened
the "Investment Opportunities in Crimea" Ukrainian business forums. While
addressing the forum participants Vasyl Dzharty highlighted successful
actions taken by Crimean authorities to nurture favorable investment climate
and fight corruption. "The Autonomy possesses low risk and high investment
potential. The Council of Ministers guarantees calm and comfortable operation
for investors in Crimea," said Dzharty.

The true potential of Crimean geographic location, climate and historical
background can hardly be overestimated. Crimean summer is similar to that of
French and Portuguese Mediterranean coasts and the peninsular shares the same
latitude with Venice. The peninsular doesn't experience the high humidity
characteristic for Greece and Turkey in the summer because of its near-island
position in the Black Sea.

Crimea is the place that unites the past and the present of
the multinational Ukraine. During the times of the Russian monarchy and under
the Soviet Union, Crimea served as a summer retreat and "spa" area for the
Russian tsar and later for the Communist Party leaders. Multiple vineyards as
well as the Wine Tasting Hall in the city of Yalta, the "Pearl of the
Crimea," offer good quality wine.

The local Vorontsov Palace and the British Buckingham Palace
have been designed by the same architect - Edward Blore. Livadia palace
hosted 1945 Yalta conference between Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

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