Upper Iowa University Partners with Northern Ireland Firm on Revolutionary Installation to Enhance Safety on Fayette Campus

By Upper Iowa University, PRNE
Thursday, May 12, 2011

First U.S. installation; First University installation in the world

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, May 13, 2011 - Upper Iowa University (UIU) President Alan G. Walker
www.uiu.edu/aboutuiu/president/presidentbio.html has announced that
UIU www.uiu.edu/ will be working with a Belfast, Northern Ireland
firm, Lightstep Technologies www.lightsteptechnologies.com/, on an
installation to enhance safety on the UIU campus in the United States in a
project that will be the first of its kind in the United States and the first
installation on any university campus around the world.

Walker joined Lightstep Executive Chairman Kieran Patterson, founder and
executive chairman of Lightstep Technologies, to announce the joint
initiative in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Friday, May 13.

Lightstep Technologies is the creator of what is billed as the world's
first intelligent evacuation system. In a building equipped with Lightstep,
escape routes are automatically illuminated and automatically rerouted as
necessary depending on the type of emergency and location of the damage
and/or fire. Not only is the safe escape route illuminated clearly in green,
the unsafe routes are clearly crossed out with a red "X" so that occupants of
the building can be evacuated more quickly without mistakes that cause
injuries and cost lives. The lights remain clearly visible in smoke-filled

"My background is in fire safety, and I knew immediately that UIU had to
explore acquiring this technology," Walker said. "In any fire, the key issue
is always time. How quickly can you completely evacuate the building safely?
The same is true for a building affected by any natural disaster. "

Patterson, who invented the path-finding technology, said he founded
Lightstep in response to well-publicized disasters that resulted in major
loss of life. "This will be the company's first installation in the States
and a huge opportunity for all involved," Patterson said. "Upper Iowa
will become a showcase for Lightstep in the United States, and the
system will elevate the UIU student facilities to the safest available

"This technology addresses the needs of rural, residential campuses like
UIU just as effectively as it addresses evacuation in an urban office
high-rise," Walker said. "Universities like ours not only need to deal with
potential daytime evacuation, but how to safely guide our students out of
residence halls in the middle of the night as well. We believe all
residential campuses should be exploring the Lightstep options to enhance
campus safety, and we are proud to be the first University in the world to
begin this work."

Walker and Patterson said the UIU campus in Fayette will become a
demonstration site that officials for other universities and organizations
can visit to see Lightstep Technology in action.

"We look forward to seeing this exciting order progress over the coming
months - this is a huge opportunity for Lightstep to bring the highest
standards in evacuation systems to this vast marketplace," Patterson said.
"It's an exciting time for Lightstep, with the team also due to attend the
Fire Excellence Awards 2011 on May 17. The awards celebrate the best
products, services and individuals in the fire safety industry, and Lightstep
is shortlisted for the 'Best Means of Escape' product."

Walker noted that the three newest UIU buildings, which were completed in
2010-11, will be retrofitted with the technology - the new student residence
hall, the Liberal Arts Building, and the Student Center. Installation is
scheduled for this fall.

"Working as partners with Lightstep to launch this technology in the
United States
has helped us defray costs and make the technology more
affordable for UIU," Walker added.

Although Lightstep technology has not been introduced previously in the
United States
, Patterson said the technology is also being installed in
non-academic facilities in India and the Middle East.

"Lightstep is an unprecedented safety technology, and we believe Upper
Iowa University
is taking the right step toward ensuring student safety,"
Walker added. "UIU is setting the standard for what safety should look like
in colleges and universities around the world."

About Lightstep Technologies

Located in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lightstep provides a global market
with the answer to a global need for new standards of life safety, providing
unique intelligent evacuation technology which for the first time, enables
building designers to install a situation sensitive and reactive LED lighting
pathway and safe exit door identification system, combined with the
market-leading stairwell illumination product. For more information, visit

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