Valued Opinions Australia Launch First Smartphone Application With Full Survey Functionality

By Research Now Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

LONDON, July 7, 2011 -

Research Now, owners of the Valued Opinions’ panels, has
announced the launch of its mobile app in Australia. ‘Valued
OpinionsMobile’ for Android and iPhone is the first version of the
app and the first smartphone app with full survey

The app can be used to gather responses to an array of research
needs, from short surveys to instant feedback polls, and has been
designed to provide many benefits for both researchers and

Researchers have access to real-time data and can gather more
accurate responses. Full survey functionality enables researchers
to target hard to reach segments, such as younger audiences and
those who live in remote areas of Australia and may not have a
reliable internet service.

Panellists benefit as they can now complete href="">mobile surveys
and manage their account without the need to log on to a computer,
meaning they can voice their opinion no matter where they are.
Members simply click on the survey they would like to complete and
the survey downloads to their phone, along with any images which
are cached on the device. Members can then answer the survey
questions at their convenience, pause during a survey if necessary,
and continue at a later time, all without an internet connection!
Panellists also benefit from constant access to their reward
balance, a new reward history, direct access to the Member Service
team as well as comprehensive FAQs.

The app is designed so that Valued Opinions’ members can take href="">paid surveys in
Australia without an internet connection (other than for
receiving the survey and sending the responses back at the end of
the survey). So if a member happens to be on the train, a plane or
somewhere without internet coverage, they are still able to
complete surveys.

Thomas Lapperger, Vice president, panel marketing and CRM at
Valued Opinions, said: “The Valued Opinions Mobile app, as well as
our newly designed website, has been created to enhance our
members’ experience by providing relevant information, even on the
go. This app allows our members to stay in touch with the Valued
Opinions community wherever they happen to be, and is one of the
many steps we are taking to provide the best service to them.
Members sharing their opinions with us and being rewarded for their
time are key ingredients to the success of Valued Opinions.”

The ‘Valued Opinions Mobile’ app is free to download via iTunes
for the iPhone version and the Marketplace for the Android app.

About Valued Opinions:

Owned and operated by Research Now, Valued Opinions is a
consumer research panel made up of individuals participating in
market research surveys in exchange for rewards. Through various
partnerships with popular international retailers, Valued Opinions’
members can earn and redeem credits for gift vouchers accepted
online and in stores. Members also have the opportunity to donate
rewards to charitable causes if they choose. For more information,
visit  href="">

About Research Now Ltd:

Research Now Ltd is the leading global online sampling and
online data collection company. With over 6 million panelists in 38
countries worldwide, Research Now Ltd enables companies to listen
to and interact with real consumers and business decision makers in
order to make key business decisions. Research Now Ltd offers a
full suite of data collection services, including social media
sampling, and operates leading opinion panels around the world. The
company has multilingual staff located in 23 offices around the
globe. Visit to learn

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