dotMobi Launches Low-Cost Cloud Version of Market-Leading DeviceAtlas Device Detection Service

By Dotmobi, PRNE
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DUBLIN, July 7, 2011 -

- New DeviceAtlas Cloud
expands mobile Internet by simplifying mobile device detection for
designers, developers, agencies and Web companies

Mobile Web pioneer dotMobi today announced the enhancement of
its award-winning DeviceAtlas® service with DeviceAtlas Cloud, a
new version that helps designers, developers, agencies and Web
companies optimize content for mobile devices by enabling faster,
easier and more cost-effective device detection.  

dotMobi created DeviceAtlas to improve the mobile end-user
experience by solving the challenge of displaying content properly
on all mobile devices, from low-end feature phones to high-end
tablet devices. DeviceAtlas does this by identifying the requesting
mobile device and its display & system capabilities to allow
delivery of content in a format tailored to that device.

“With the explosion of the mobile Internet and a proliferation
of different devices, companies need an even more affordable device
detection solution that’s quick and easy to implement. A cloud
version of DeviceAtlas was the natural result. Now, we’re able to
offer the best device detection solution on the market more cost
effectively, allowing smaller designers, development shops and
agencies access to state-of-the-art device detection,” said Ronan
, Vice President of Engineering, dotMobi.

DeviceAtlas Cloud can be up and running in minutes, eliminating
the need for an investment in infrastructure and lowering time
spent on deploying a device detection solution. Once implemented,
all data updates are managed by dotMobi with no need for technical
expertise in mobile detection and database management. DeviceAtlas
Cloud is available as “Standard” or “Premium,” depending on how
many websites or applications customers wish to support, the number
of detections and the frequency of DeviceAtlas updates

DeviceAtlas Cloud builds on the success of the DeviceAtlas
Enterprise version, which includes advanced features and is
deployed in-company by many Fortune 100 companies to power
high-traffic, mission-critical Web applications.

All versions of DeviceAtlas come with a powerful analytics tool
that provides statistical data on device capabilities, and a
comparison tool that allows users to cross-reference those

Built with data from numerous sources, including manufacturers
and network operators, DeviceAtlas is the world’s largest device
detection database. All DeviceAtlas data is verified and validated
to ensure it is the most accurate available, with detection
accuracy rates in excess of 99 percent. To learn more about
DeviceAtlas, see href="">

About dotMobi

Headquartered in Dublin, dotMobi — a wholly owned subsidiary of
Afilias Limited — is a worldwide leader in enabling the
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reach the world’s billions of mobile phone users. dotMobi spurs
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they need to ensure the Web will work on mobile phones with speed,
accuracy and relevant content.

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