We Hate Coming Home to Chores!

By Www.yourholidaywash.com, PRNE
Sunday, July 10, 2011

ROTHERHAM, England, July 11, 2011 -

The annual holiday is a time for rest and relaxation but there
are always dreaded post holiday chores which we can’t escape from
after our well earned break.  

Whether you are holidaying in the UK or abroad, nobody likes
doing post holiday chores. Recent *research shows that the most
dreaded task is the holiday washing with 52% of people hating it
the most. Other loathed post holiday jobs, in order are opening the
post, 20.1% said it was their most hated job, followed by cleaning
the house and doing the food shopping, both at 10.5% and doing the
gardening, 6.8%.

It is no wonder it is detested the most as 60% of those asked
estimated that the post holiday washing takes almost two full days
to get it done.

The research results are music to the ears of Your Holiday
, who commissioned the survey. This new holiday laundry
service has been created to make the switch from holiday to home
less painful. Available for ¬£49.90 (that’s less than a pre holiday
pedicure and a spray tan!) Your Holiday Wash will collect, wash,
dry, iron, fold and deliver your holiday laundry within three

Washing is detested more by younger age groups. On average 55%
of people dislike doing the washing aged between18 to 45. This goes
down to 50% for 55 year olds and to 46% if you are 65. It is
assumed that it drops after 45 because parents see their children
leave home, and therefore their washing load decreases. Not
surprisingly women hate holiday washing more than men, 57% of women
disliking it compared to 43% of men.

Another remarkable statistic was that men dreaded opening the
post more than women. This was ranked second for both genders but
the difference was quite big. Almost 25% of men said that they
hated opening the post compared to 18% of women. Could it be that
men dread opening the post more as they fear huge credit card

Opening the bills were feared most by an older age group (55-64
years old) with over 26% of people saying that they didn’t like
opening the bills compared to only 15% amongst the younger age
group (18-24 year olds). Maybe this is because older people have a
higher dispensable budget then younger people and can buy more
expensive things.

Instead of doing these arduous tasks, that take time out of your
busy schedule, what would you rather do? The statistics also show
that almost two thirds of people would like to either relax and do
nothing or spend time with close ones.

*All research from Omnibus Survey in April 2011
through UK online research panel.


For more interesting stats and facts about what people would
like to do with the time freed up from holiday washing and a full
breakdown by gender and age contact
Kathryn Greenwood or Isabel
at Your Holiday Wash Press Office, Eden PR on
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