Why it Pays to Invest in Employee Health

By Simplyhealth, PRNE
Sunday, June 5, 2011

ANDOVER, England, June 6, 2011 -

Latest research from Simplyhealth has found that three
quarters of employers (76%) do not correlate employee health and wellbeing to
productivity. This figure rises to 86% amongst Finance Directors. Yet, UK
companies could be missing a trick as employees value health and wellbeing at
work above career progression opportunities.

Simplyhealth's engaging employees through health and wellbeing
report also found that three quarters of employees whose employer cares a
great deal about their health and wellbeing describe themselves as very
loyal. The failure to correlate benefits with productivity could mean that
employers do not fully understand the impact they can have, and are missing a
key opportunity to engage with staff.

Nick Kemsley of Henley Business School says: "Research
indicates links between high engagement and improvements in absenteeism,
discretionary effort and employee retention, and therefore to productivity.
Although health and wellbeing is only one contributing factor to a fully
engaged workforce research does show that feeling worthwhile and valued is
key to an employee's psychological contract with an employer. This survey
suggests that, as cost management bites, employers are looking for
alternatives to the more investment led methods of supporting health and

James Glover, Sales and Marketing Director for Simplyhealth
says: "The UK workforce is currently under pressure and over a quarter of
employers admit they've increased workloads. During times like these it's
even more important to support the needs of staff. Smart employers need to
recognise that investing in people will not only benefit the business now,
but in the future as talent is retained when more prosperous times return."

Nick Kemsley adds: "Given that there is unlikely to be a
sudden relaxation in financial constraints around employee health and
wellbeing, employers would perhaps be wise to consider the most cost
effective means to maintaining tangible key benefits, whilst still finding
ways to enhance engagement that are less reliant on money".

Simplyhealth's engaging employees through health and wellbeing
report surveyed 504 Managing Directors, HR Directors and Company Directors,
204 Finance Directors and 1,005 workers.

Simplyhealth provides cash plans, dental plans, self funded
health plans and private medical insurance to 11,000 companies in the UK. Our
plans can help recruit and retain staff, manage absence and help employers
fulfil their duty of care needs. For further information about Simplyhealth
please visit www.simplyhealth.co.uk/forbusiness or call

Notes to Editor

- We surveyed 1,005 workers, 504 Managing Directors, Human
Resources Directors, Divisional and Company Directors and 204 Finance
Directors between 27 April and 3 May 2011 using an online fieldwork

- We became Simplyhealth in 2009 after bringing together HSA, BCWA,
LHF, HealthSure and Totally Active, our family of health companies have
joined together over the last nine years to form Simplyhealth

- We've been providing healthcare solutions for nearly 140 years,
dedicated to serving our customers through a variety of cash plans,
dental plans, private medical insurance, healthcare trusts and mobility
and living aids

- Simplyhealth is a trading name of Simplyhealth Access, which is
authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

- As of December 2010, Simplyhealth had 1.2 million customers providing
cover for some 2 million lives

- Simplyhealth is committed to making a positive impact on its
communities. Last year, we donated GBP1.6 million to health related
charities and causes

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