WISeKey Signs Extra CHF 4 Million Contract With a New Patent That Might be the Future for Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand-Protection Technology

By Wisekey Sa, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

GENEVA, February 14, 2011 - WISeKey has announced today that it has signed new contracts amounting to
CHF 4.0 million in 2011 from its patent-pending anti-counterfeiting
technology, WISeAuthentic. Part of WISeKey's Digital Brand Management product
line, WISeAuthentic safeguards and verifies the authenticity of luxury goods.
This new revenue amounts to over CHF 8 million signed so far with prestigious

WISeKey's latest patent (on the World Intellectual Property Organization
patent filings database) demonstrates a potential to reduce counterfeiting
definitively and become a major revenue driver for WISeKey, providing a
recurrent revenue model for the company with huge upsides. Counterfeiting
represents approximately five to seven percent of all world trade and with
the luxury brand industries estimated to reach 1.5 trillion dollars (US) this
year, these companies need a solution that will prove their goods'
authenticity. This fail-safe technology encrypts digital information within
the SmartCard's chip, which is currently and for the foreseeable future
impossible to replicate, according to analysts, mathematicians and academic
experts who participated in the development of WISeKey's technology.
WISeAuthentic is also available for use with jewelry, beauty products, haute
couture, jet aircraft and automotive parts, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals,
software and entertainment.

"As we can see from the increasing revenues generated by this new
technology, luxury brands and the anti-counterfeiting industry continue to
aggressively pursue the use of our WISeAuthentic technology," said Carlos
, the company's Founder and CEO. "We are pleased to have prestigious
brands as significant customers for our proprietary technology and we are
looking forward to the continued development and application of our
technology in new areas related to the anti-counterfeiting market."

More details: www.wiseauthentic.com


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