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By Wi-ex, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

zBoost Provides the Connected Consumer and Digital Workforce an End to Dropped Calls and Slow Data

BARCELONA, Spain, February 14, 2011 - Wi-Ex, a leading provider of consumer and commercial mobile phone signal
boosters for the home and office, is showcasing its zBoost International
product line including the zBoost-ONE UMTS 3G Signal Booster and zBoost for
Home and Office at the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Hall 2-0 booth 2J29.
zBoost eliminates mobile phone notspots by increasing the mobile signal
indoors and eliminating dropped calls and slow data. Recent speed tests
showed that the zBoost line of mobile signal boosters can increase data
speeds by as much as 180 percent or almost three times as fast.*

Recent industry statistics state that global mobile phone data has nearly
tripled in the last year, growing more than ten times faster than voice. With
zBoost, users can take full advantage of voice, data and Internet services on
their iPhone, BlackBerry, DROID, smartphone, iPad and other tablets including
3G high speed data, video, instant messaging, pictures and more at home and
in the office.

"Mobile notspots are a challenge for consumers and businesses. A poor
mobile phone signal results in dropped and missed calls, as well as very,
very slow or non-existent data and Internet access-even on a 3G phone Our
recent tests, showed a data speed increase of more than 180 percent - almost
three times as fast with our mobile signal boosters," said Lloyd R. Meese,
CEO of Wi-Ex. "With the continued growth of smartphones, tablets and other
connected devices, products like zBoost are becoming a necessity for today's
digital lifestyle. The zBoost line of products improves signal strength for
better voice and data transmission while maintaining the integrity of the
carriers' networks using patented technology."

Designed for consumers and network operators, the zBoost-ONE(TM) UMTS 3G
signal booster consists of one base unit with no external aerials and extends
3G Voice and Data Zones(TM) for single or multiple users in homes or offices
using UMTS/HSPA (2100MHz). The zBoost for Home and Office, a dual band unit,
works with all mobiles on the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequencies and allows
consumers outside of the US to experience increased indoor mobile signal
coverage - up to 250 sq. meters.

Connected Consumer

With global smartphone shipments reaching more than 90 million in fourth
quarter 2010, consumers are more reliant on their mobile phones each day. The
smartphone is a staple in today's hyperconnected world with consumers
crossing over and using their mobile phones for both business and personal
use. As a mobile society, consumers rely on their smartphones to keep up with
their schedules, check personal and work emails, the weather and stay
connected on Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Workforce

The rapid adoption of smartphones including iPhone and BlackBerry,
tablets and other connected devices by the enterprise has caused a shift in
the workforce. Employees now have the flexibility to take their office with
them; however having a strong signal is key to actually working and using the
mobile phone in today's digital workforce.

According to IDC Technology Spotlight From Consumer-Centric to Business
Essential: Extending Smartphone and Mobile Broadband Device Service into the
Workplace, IDC #1073, January, 2011, "Used for years to improve sub-par
mobile phone service in homes, signal-boosting technology has come of age to
provide increased signal strength throughout a business facility."

The Spotlight adds, "As more workers 'cut the cord' and rely on mobile
service for business critical operations, dropped calls no longer become an
inconvenience, but a hindrance to business performance."

To download a full copy of the IDC Technology Spotlight From
Consumer-Centric to Business Essential: Extending Smartphone and Mobile
Broadband Device Service into the Workplace, IDC #1073, January, 2011 visit


Designed to create an indoor zone for 3G data services, the zBoost-ONE
UMTS can significantly enhance the throughput of the mobile data, and in some
cases allow data to work in areas where data access would otherwise not be
available. The zBoost-ONE UMTS supports UMTS data protocols at 2100MHz.
Internationally, the high data speeds of UMTS are now most often utilized for
Internet access making the zBoost an ideal product for people with
smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android (DROID) and Palm. It finds the
mobile network and automatically begins reducing dropped calls and increasing
data throughput.

The zBoost-ONE UMTS is consumer friendly with a very simple set up -
place the unit in the window, plug it in and enjoy the data functionality on
a UMTS mobile and aircards up to 130 square meters. The zBoost-ONE UMTS is
ready to go out of the box with two simple steps including synching the
zBoost-ONE to the wireless carrier for their device (datacard, BlackBerry,
iPhone, etc.) and then finding the best location for the zBoost-ONE. The
zBoost-ONE UMTS retails for $299 FOB Atlanta.

    The benefits of the zBoost-ONE include:

    - Consists of one base unit with no external aerials
    - Dramatically improves data rates
    - Improves weak signal locations
    - Easy to install - Syncs to your mobile
    - Totally wireless operation
    - Supports data cards and PDAs
    - Low power consumption
    - Sleep mode when not in operation

zBoost Home and Office

The zBoost Home and Office allows multiple users to operate their mobile
phones simultaneously (including both data and voice) and is compatible with
all major carriers using 900MHz and 1800 MHz. It's easy to install and the
base unit can be placed in the family room, the basement, an office, a
bedroom or a central location. The package includes everything you need:
amplifier base unit, power supply, base unit aerial, low-loss SATV coaxial
cable (RG6), signal aerial and mounting hardware. The omni-directional signal
aerial receives signals from multiple mobile towers. The zBoost for Home and
Office retails for $499 FOB Atlanta.

For additional information on the zBoost International line visit

About Wi-Ex

Wi-Ex (www.wi-ex.com), a leading provider of consumer and
commercial cell phone signal boosters, developed zBoost, the first consumer-
priced signal booster for the small office/home office (SOHO) cell phone
market. Wi-Ex manufactures and distributes the zBoost line of cell phone
signal extenders for the home, office or car. The zBoost product line works
with most carriers in the US and abroad including AT&T, Sprint, Vodaphone,
Verizon and T-Mobile. The award-winning zBoost home and office solutions help
today's connected consumers including iPhone, iPad, Android (DROID),
BlackBerry, and smartphone users with dropped calls and slow data. They were
awarded a 2007 and 2010 Consumer Electronics Association Innovations Honoree
by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). They also were selected as a
finalist for the 2007 and 2009 CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech) Award. As
the leader, zBoost has more awards, more sales and more locations than all
their competitors combined. Wi-Ex continues to develop innovative products
to meet the demands of an increasingly wireless society by enhancing wireless

*Wi-Ex ran a series of tests on the zBoost measuring speed and signal
strength. These tests were run in August and October on both Sprint(EVDO) and
AT&T(HSPDA) with the units on and then off. Average speed with the METRO off
was 451.479Kps and with the Metro on it was 1301.458 Kps. This was an average
increase of 849.979Kps or a 188% increase. Individual results will vary
depending upon environmental conditions.

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