Fulton Innovation Bringing New Wireless Power Advances to Europe's Mobile Community During Mobile World Congress 2011

By Fulton Innovation, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Catch a preview of Qi-compliant mobile phones and smart packaging that charges mobile phones while still on the store shelf, all without wires

BARCELONA, Spain, February 14, 2011 - Fulton Innovation (www.fultoninnovation.com), the creator and exclusive
licensor of eCoupled(TM) intelligent wireless power announced that it will be
attending the Pepcom MobileFocus Global event in Barcelona Spain on February
14, 2011
during Mobile World Congress. For the past several months, Fulton
has been working with various partners to bring eCoupled-enabled mobile
phones to market this year. These phones have wireless power capabilities
integrated directly into the phone, without the need for adapters or external
sleeves. This new development in wireless power integration is a result of
Fulton Innovation's work with the Wireless Power Consortium in developing the
Qi global standard for low power, which opens the door for mass
commercialization of wireless power.

Fulton will also be showcasing the latest in wireless power integration
in packaging by showing a mobile phone box that lights-up and flashes to
attract a customer's attention once placed on an eCoupled-enabled store
shelf. The wireless power circuit is printed directly on the box using
conductive inks. The technology can also charge mobile phones wirelessly in
their original packaging while sitting on the store shelf, without the need
for power adapters. When a customer purchases a new mobile phone it will be
fully charged and ready to use immediately, right out of the packaging.

Wireless power is about more than just charging the latest in mobile
phones and other gadgets. As a leader in wireless power and a trusted partner
in innovation, Fulton Innovation continues to work with partners across
industries to redefine the ways consumers interact with everyday technology.
With eCoupled, information and data can also be transmitted through the
technology's unique design and flexibility to work on various surfaces,
including glass, wood, and plastic. Fulton has the ability to charge
everything from low power to high power technologies, such as the Tesla
electric vehicle which it recently showcased at the annual Consumer
Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (bit.ly/hQ3bxI).

"We are excited to have the opportunity to share our latest developments
in wireless power with Mobile World Congress and MobileFocus Global attendees
in Barcelona," said Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for
Fulton Innovation. "These are exciting times for wireless power as we
continue to work with partners to continually push the boundaries in the ways
we can bring wireless power innovation to market. Our integration of eCoupled
into mobile phones is an extension of our work with the WPC in making
wireless power more accessible through the Qi standard."

Fulton Innovation will be participating at Pepcom's MobileFocus Global to
be held at the Five-Star Rey Juan Carlos Hotel in Barcelona, Spain on
February 14, 2011. Fulton will be available for media briefings at the Bambu
room at B Hotel, directly across the street from Fira Barcelona where Mobile
World Congress is being held.

About Fulton Innovation and eCoupled(TM) Technology

A subsidiary of Alticor Corporation, Fulton Innovation is dedicated to
commercializing new and innovative technologies that improve the way we live,
work, and play. Fulton is working with a wide range of industry-leading
companies to integrate wireless power technology into infrastructure and
electronic devices to enable consumers to live a truly wireless life.

The engineers behind eCoupled have been developing, advancing, and
perfecting the technology for over 12 years. eCoupled technology has been
incorporated into Amway's eSpring(TM) water purification devices for 10
years, with over 1.5 million devices sold in over 40 countries and
territories worldwide to date.

Amway employs more than 13,000 people worldwide, including over 500
engineers and scientists. Amway has sales of more than $8 billion annually.
It is headquartered in Ada, Michigan and has operations in more than 80
countries and territories worldwide.

For additional information, please visit www.ecoupled.com.

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