Imagination Technologies Joins with Partners to Present Leading 3D Technology and Tools at Games Developers Conference 2009

By Prne, Gaea News Network
Thursday, March 19, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - Imagination, Digital Legends, Firemint, Nokia and Samsung deliver
mobile 3D leadership

Imagination Technologies, a leading provider of System-on-Chip (SoC)
silicon IP, is working with partners including Digital Legends, Firemint,
Nokia and Samsung to bring the best in 3D tutorials, demonstrations and
devices to Games Developers Conference 2009 (San Francisco, March 23-27).


At GDC Imagination and Digital Legends, creators of the stunning ONE for
Nokia N-Gage by Nokia and Kroll for iPhone, are working together to bring
real world experience of developing using the POWERVR Insider SDK to GDC
attendees. Imagination will present a tutorial on developing mobile-3D games
using the POWERVR SDK and Tools. This free session starts with art assets
created by Digital Legends and goes on to give a practical, detailed
introduction in this leading SDK package for mobile 3D-content development
with POWERVR, the de facto standard for mobile-3D.

Tony King-Smith, VP Marketing, Imagination Technologies says: “The
combination of Digital Legend’s art assets and the expertise of the POWERVR
Insider team equal a compelling and instructive insight into deploying 3D
assets for mobile games. Our joint presentation with Firemint shows the full
benefits of working with our POWERVR Insider ecosystem partners to optimise
applications with the POWERVR Insider team. With great devices from Nokia and
Samsung on which to run this content, and their ecosystems taking full
advantage of our SDK tools and tutorials, we have the ‘perfect storm’ of
mobile 3D at GDC.”

In the GDC Mobile programme Imagination and Firemint, winners for
‘Excellence in Connectivity’ at last month’s 5th International Mobile Gaming
Awards, will be presenting on ‘Optimizing for OpenGL ES 2.0: The foundations
of Firemint’s Real Racing’ (Monday March 23rd at 3pm). The talk will explore
programming 3D graphics for OpenGL ES 2.0 games via a case study of design
and development of Firemint’s award winning Real Racing.

Imagination will be joined at GDC Expo by AAA-title developer IUGO Mobile
Entertainment, creators of the Toy Bot Diaries series, Zombie Attack! and
Re-Volt, described by Guinness’ World Records Gamer’s Edition 2009 as the
world’s “most advanced mobile game.” IUGO will be previewing Freeballin’ an
epic pinball game due to be released soon.

Swedish state of the art game developer Jadestone will also be joining
Imagination on its booth at the GDC Expo to demonstrate the latest in its
mobile games, including the IMGA Innovation Award-winning Kodo Evolved.
Ari-Pekka Kotanen, Manager, Games Device Software Nokia says: “We are
delighted with the support for a wide range of Nokia phones in the POWERVR
Insider SDK. Nokia was one of the first to recognise the importance of
advanced graphics in mobile devices for a wide range of applications such as
gaming, user interfaces and navigation. Our current and future phones with
POWERVR technology are examples of Nokia’s commitment to leading the industry
in graphics for multimedia computing and we can’t wait to see what
Imagination, Digital Legends (developer of ONE for N-Gage) and Firemint
(developer of Mega Monsters for N-Gage) have to show.”

Sanj Matharu, Global Relations Manager, Samsung Mobile Innovator says:
“Imagination is using the new Samsung Omnia HD as a key demonstration
platform at GDC 2009 with brilliant 3D game content from Digital Legends and
others. Imagination provides industry leading SDKs, tools and support for
devices incorporating POWERVR and we are delighted that they are supporting
Samsung handsets with both their SDK and OpenGL ES 2.0 demos.”

‘Developing Mobile 3D Games Using the POWERVR SDK and Tools’ (25th March
2009 at 12pm, room 2012) is sponsored by Imagination Technologies and is open
to all GDC badge holders. Places can be reserved by sending an email to Attendees will be entered into a draw on the day to win a
Beagle Board ( with POWERVR SGX graphics technology.

During the GDC Expo from March 25th - 27th Imagination will be showing
the latest devices and content enabled by POWERVR graphics, including phones
from Nokia, Samsung and others as well as launching the latest v2.4 version
of the POWERVR Insider SDK. Free copies of the SDK will be available from the
booth at 5749NH as long as stocks last.

Demonstrations from Imagination can also be found at the Khronos DevU on
March 24th. Khronos open standards are the foundation of many of the products
on display at GDC and GDC Mobile. Imagination is a Promoter Member of the

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