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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Global Healthcare Information Technology (2009 - 2014)

The market research report analyses the key trends in global the healthcare information technology market, and segments it into various submarkets as per their sizes in various geographies. It also analyzes the key market drivers, restraints, and opportunities of the global healthcare IT market. The global healthcare information technology market is estimated to be $53.8 billion in 2014. The market is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 16.1% (from 2009 to 2014) because of government initiatives to reduce healthcare costs; and the tremendous demand for healthcare IT applications such as electronic medical records, electronic health records, computerized physician order entry systems, and non-clinical systems. ( )

Information technology offers solutions for almost all the areas in the healthcare system, including clinical trial management and clinical decision support. Hospitals are increasingly implementing e-prescribing systems, hospital information systems, ambulatory care management systems, and patient management systems. Clinicians as well as larger healthcare providers both use EMR, EHR, CPOE, and physician practice management systems to offer improved patient care. Imaging applications like PACS and RIS are highly useful in the management of images and patient scans; and also improve the workflow in hospitals.

The report segments the Healthcare IT Market based on:
• HCIT Product Market
• HCIT Application Market
• HCIT Services Market

While existing reports have attempted to study end-user attitudes and demographics, they do not provide a complete picture from the industry’s perspective. This report on “Global Healthcare IT Market” analyzes the market dynamics exclusively from the industry point of view. The report provides a three-dimensional picture of the global healthcare IT market by focusing on all its aspects as well as its applications market reporting the key trends, which are further analyzed at the micro market levels. Each segment of the report will provide market tables, drivers, restraints and opportunities along with the key players and competitive landscape. This report will also provide more than 100 market tables for various geographic regions covering the sub-segments and micro-markets. In addition, the report provides 50 company profiles for each of its sub-segments, such as dental chair manufacturers, implants manufacturers, other devices manufacturers etc.


• What are the key market dynamics influencing the market trends?
• Who are the target audience driving the market growth in each of the micro-market?
• Where are key opportunities available to the market players to capitalize on?
• What are the competitive strategies increasingly adopted to combat competition?

What makes our report unique?
• Provision of longest market segmentation in the industry.
• The report provides analysis of patents and more than 45 company profiles giving a competitive outlook.
• The report includes market data for segments such as tools, services and applications for the major geographies – U.S., Europe, Asian and ROW.
• The high level analysis provided by the report analyzes the market prospective for different major market segments along with the identification of opportunities.
• Provided competitive analysis stating the major segments focused by the global market players and the key developments – equipments, devices and technology.

Key questions answered
• Which are the high growth markets segments in terms of devices and consumables?
• What are the market forecasts and estimates from the period 2009-14?
• What are the major drivers and opportunities in the market?
• What is the competitive outlook, what are the major tools and services, who are the major players in the market segments?

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October 22, 2009: 3:20 am

Great informative article!
Healthcare Information technology is the most pleasant and soothing job on the market today. It is the most promising tool for improving the overall quality, safety and efficiency of the health delivery system.

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