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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

DALLAS, November 25, 2010 - ReportsandReports announces it will carry Infusion Pump Markets (Large
Volume, Ambulatory, Insulin, Enteral and Other Pumps) Research Report in its

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Infusion pumps are used to infuse necessary fluids, which includes
medications and/or nutrients, to a patient's circulatory system. This
Kalorama Information report, Infusion Pump Markets (Large Volume, Ambulatory,
Disposable, Syringe, and Specialty Infusion Pumps) covers markets for these
products in several product segments.

Estimates and Forecasts of Infusion Pump Markets

For the purpose of this study, we have classified two general types of
infusion pumps: General Purpose Infusion Pumps and Specialty Infusion Pumps

General purpose infusion pumps are used in a variety of applications and
settings from basic fluids for hydration to pain medications and antibiotics.
General purpose pumps have been used in hospitals, long-term care settings,
physician's offices, and home settings. This can be further broken out to
uses specifically in the ED, OR, and neonate departments. Products in the
general purpose segment include three product types:

    - Large volume infusion pumps

    - Ambulatory infusion pumps (Chemotherapy pumps broken out)

    - Syringe infusion pumps

A Detailed Look at Specialty Infusion Pumps

Specialty infusion pumps are typically designed to accommodate a
particular type of fluid or medication. Many of these pumps are used in home
settings and are designed to meet the needs of active patients, such as with
diabetes patients. Products in the specialty infusion pump segment include:

    - Enteral feeding pumps

    - Insulin infusion pumps

    - Implantable infusion pumps

Revenues for each product segment were gathered through both primary and
secondary research methods. The report also includes incidence of world
demographics; life expectancy by country; incidence and prevalence of
disease; safety issues and infusion pumps; and other general issues affecting
the market. Information is presented as a worldwide overview, with special
emphasis on the U.S. A market summary includes market analysis by product
type and region and a competitive analysis of leading providers. Additionally
key company profiles are included.

Key Issues and Trends

There are several issues and trends impacting the future of the infusion
pump market. Aging populations, increasing incidence of diseases -
particularly diabetes, and increasing life expectancy will continue to fuel
growth in the future Issues and trends explored in this study include:

    - World demographics

    - Increasing life expectancy worldwide

    - Growing incidence of disease in the United States

    - Infusion pump recalls

    - Infusion pump health risks

    - Reducing medication errors with new infusion pumps

    - Smart pump technology

    - Infusion pump rentals and leasing

    - Worldwide spending on healthcare

    - Reducing hospital inpatient length of stay and increases in home health

Profiles of Leading Competitors

More than 100 companies participate in the infusion pump market. However,
a number of companies specialize in infusion pump markets and compete with
intense marketing efforts and product offerings. Among the top competitors
discussed within Corporate Profiles are:

    - CareFusion

    - Animas/Johnson & Johnson

    - B. Braun

    - Baxter

    - Fresenius Kabi

    - Hospira

    - I-Flow

    - Insulet

    - IRadimed

    - Kendall/Covidien

    - Medtronic

    - Smiths Group

    - Zevex/Moog

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