Clinical Solutions at Forefront of NHS 111 With Launch of IntefleCS 111

By Clinical Solutions, PRNE
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clinical Solutions' Highly Scalable Triage and Patient Prioritisation Support Solution to Provide Interoperability Across Urgent Care Settings

BASINGSTOKE, England, November 25, 2010 - Clinical Solutions, the national provider of telephone triage
and prioritisation software, has today announced the launch and initial
deployment of its scalable IntefleCS 111 solution.

IntefleCS 111 will integrate with 999 Ambulance and out of
hours services to ensure safe and efficient streaming of patients
electronically from one care provider to the next, as part of a real-time
seamless journey.

IntefleCS 111 has been launched as a key component of the
first wave of services delivering on the government's initiative to provide a
single access point for all non-emergency care in England, supporting NHS
Pathways content and other content sets available through NHS Direct and
Clinical Solutions.

In a recent public statement about the new service, Health
Secretary Andrew Lansley stated, "It is essential that we improve access to,
and understanding about, urgent care services, which includes out-of-hours
care. At present, too many people are confused about who to contact and how
to do so.

"By putting in place one easily memorable 111 number for all
urgent inquiries to run alongside the emergency '999' number, we will
simplify NHS services for patients. 111 will be free to call and available
24/7, putting patients in touch with the right NHS service, first time."[1]

Xavier Flinois, chief executive at Clinical Solutions, says,
"We are pleased to be one of the first technology providers for the
innovative and strategic NHS 111 programme. IntefleCS 111 builds upon our
highly functional solutions platform and our history of providing technology
to underpin high profile, large scale healthcare services. Our commitment is
to provide technology and aggregate expert content to increase the quality
and affordability of care pathways, and the 111 programme is a key focus for
us in that respect."

IntefleCS 111 complements the IntefleCS suite of solutions
that has been deployed in the urgent care market and in particular the
solution for the national triage service provider NHS Direct.

Clinical Solutions is already a provider for non emergency 999
services within nine of the thirteen Ambulance Trusts in England through its
Priority Solutions triage software solution.

In addition to IntefleCS 111, Clinical Solutions delivers a
wide range of healthcare solutions for patient encounters (including self
assessment) in all of the Urgent Care delivery settings. These significantly
improve patient access, utilisation and efficiency of care services and
optimise safety and effectiveness as well as improving the patient
experience. To find out more about our solutions visit:

About Clinical Solutions

Clinical Solutions is a trusted provider of scalable,
multi-channel, decision support and expert knowledge solutions, allowing
frontline stakeholders to reach out to patients and provide them with a safe
but active role in their own care, and a seamless journey through the
healthcare system. This means lower costs, lower risks and a higher degree of
patient satisfaction.

Clinical Solutions offers a unique combination of capabilities
that include all the elements of an integrated solution encompassing clinical
content, software applications, hosted N3 data centre, managed IT
infrastructure and 24/7 support. Clinical Solutions has offices in UK, USA
and Australia. Customers include; NHS Direct in England and Wales; NHS 24 in
Scotland; and walk-in centres across England, as well as customers in North
, Brazil, Portugal, Norway, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Its
solutions are used to serve over 100 million people across the world. The
clinical algorithms and scripts that power the solutions have been proven in
over 60 million clinical transactions.

For further information visit Clinical Solutions; newly launched website:

About NHS Pathways

NHS Pathways is an NHS owned and developed assessment and
triage tool.

NHS Pathways supports trained non-clinicians to carry out
telephone based from the public based on the symptoms they report when they
call. The Capacity Management System CMS) works with NHS Pathways and whilst
the patients symptoms are entered the CMS is locating available clinical
services which are required for the caller/patient. If they require an
ambulance, this will be dispatched.

For further information about NHS Pathways please visit

[1] Quote sourced from

Helen Stevens Ascent PR, T: +44(0)1454-629741

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