About Time to Grow GDP - Startling New Claim!

By Circa Circa Ltd, PRNE
Monday, November 28, 2011

BRIGHTON, England, November 29, 2011 -

Circa Circa Ltd, the makers of the new board game ‘About Time®’, claim that clinical trials have shown that playing their exciting new game increases GDP - Great Domestic Pleasure!

“It’s true, it’s not a trivial claim,” says Iain McGill, a vet and co-inventor of the game that is set to topple the monopoly of older format games. “The secret of our game is that everybody joins in for every round. There’s no hanging about. Everybody scrabbles for the best answer within 30 seconds. It’s a great family game, and this year we have launched a new game pack, the `Junior Pack’, targeted at 8yrs+ that allows them to play with Granny & Grandad on a level playing field (sit back, Mum & Dad, and enjoy the fireworks!).”

“Every time we’ve tested the game, the players have ended up with smiles on their faces,” claims Iain, “despite the impact of the Eurozone crisis, Blackburn at the bottom of the Premiership and England crashing out of the Rugby World Cup. And here we are nearly at Christmas; that is certainly a time you want to see smiles on faces.”

More seriously, board games have always flourished in difficult economic times. Their great virtue is that they allow friends and family to forget the trials of daily life for a moment. They enhance the sense of communal enjoyment for family and friends and engender togetherness - and all at an economical price.

‘About Time®’ is the latest in the genre and allows all players to enjoy a moment of real domestic pleasure - and not a little conversation-provoking competition - as they try and guess the dates of iconic moments in time to win tokens. The questions cover six different categories, from `everyday life’, through `heroes & villains’ to `art’ and ‘innovation’, amongst others,

You don’t have to get the date exactly right, you just have to be the closest to win the round. You can be a century out and still win. And don’t worry if you not so hot on dates - there’s elements in ‘About Time®’ that allow you to use poker-style cunning, great judgement and even daylight robbery, where landing on a special highwayman spot lets you rob high-scorers of their winners’ tokens.

So! Do your bit for growth! Confound the economy with an economical £29.95 purchase to improve your personal GDP. Fun for all, at a price that gives endless pleasure! And a great Christmas present!

Available online at www.abouttimeboardgame.com & Amazon, and in store at Waterstones, Hamleys, WH Smith and independent toyshops.

Note for Editors:

Circa Circa Ltd is a quintessential small UK start-up launched around four years ago to develop ‘About Time®’, helped by a mix of bank, family & friends’ finance. In that short time, the company has refined the game, improved production and tackled export markets in Germany and the USA with special language editions.

The game has won many plaudits from players, board game geeks and personalities that include Nadia Sawalha & Gunther Jausch, (Germany’s answer to Chris Tarrant, with a hint of Jeremy Paxman).

For further information, contact Bill Stokoe onbill@playabouttime.com


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