ORDNING&REDA Has Opened Four New Outlets in Less Than Two Months

By Ordningreda, PRNE
Thursday, December 15, 2011

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, December 16, 2011 -

Since mid-September, the design chain ORDNING&REDA has opened four new outlets, and the company’s first webshop is currently in the making, and set to open in the New Year. One of the new outlets is located at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and it is the chain’s first dedicated airport shop.

With headquarters in Denmark, the design chain ORDNING&REDA has opened four new concept stores within the past couple of months in Rome, Prague, Johannesburg and Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.

“ORDNING&REDA’s existing stores are all located centrally in big cities. This also applies for our new stores. All the stores are very different, each with their own local characteristic, adapted to the market and the specific location. But all the stores have uniform décor and expression, reflecting the simple ORDNING&REDA style,” says Lars Møller Nielsen, Managing Director of ORDNING&REDA.

The Rome store is located in one of the older parts of the city, so the shop has bowed walls and uneven floors. In contrast, the Prague store is in a brand new modern shopping centre with bright lighting and high ceilings.

Lars Møller Nielsen always takes a personal interest in the design and décor of new stores. This is partly so that he can be well acquainted with the new stores, but it is also part of the chain’s overall strategy for shop design, which is clearly easier to implement if a single central person is part of the process every time.  

The chain’s first airport store

ORDNING&REDA has a shop-in-shop at Barcelona Airport, but end November the chain opened its first own store at Arlanda. The store will be operated by partners from NK Stockholm as a franchise in line with all the other ORDNING&REDA stores, and this concept will continue.  

“In the future, ORDNING&REDA want to open more own stores at locations such as airports or popular tourist attractions such as Tivoli, where we have had a store since April. As a designer chain, we want to locate at sites where customers expect to find us. Either because they want to buy a gift to take home, or because they want to treat themselves with some special design,” says Lars Møller Nielsen.

ORDNING&REDA are growing and looking to increase their number of stores, but they are very selective with regard to location.

“We don’t want to spread ourselves too much; we’d rather concentrate on having our own stores in good cities with the right customer-base and then supplement with locations such as airports. Furthermore we’re looking to have ORDNING&REDA outlets as a shop-in-shop concept, similar to the outlet we have in the Magasin department store in Copenhagen. We are currently negotiating with promising chains of department stores in Canada, Switzerland and France,” says Lars Møller Nielsen.

The strategy will underpin ORDNING&REDA as an affordable, honest, and reliable luxury brand.

First webshop

So far, ORDNING&REDA has only sold its products from physical outlets. However, Lars Møller Nielsen is in no doubt that the success of the retail sector for the future will depend on stores being supplemented with internet sales.

Therefore, in the New Year ORDNING&REDA products will also be available from the chain’s webshop, which will be developed from the well established system used for both web development and distribution by BODUM, the parent company.

The webshop has primarily been designed for customers in countries in which ORDNING&REDA does not yet have a presence, but it will also attract other customers who want to buy goods on the net.





ORDNING&REDA designs, produces and sells paper goods, bags and accessories. ORDNING&REDA products are built on design, quality, simplicity and inspiration.

ORDNING&REDA was established by two Swedish siblings. The first shop was opened in Stockholm in 1982. Since 2003, ORDNING&REDA has been part of the BODUM Group.

Today the chain has more than 40 outlets in 14 countries throughout the world  

New ORDNING&REDA stores, autumn 2011

13 September - Rome
15 September - Prague
10 November - Johannesburg
28 November - Arlanda Airport

Further information:: Managing Director Lars Møller Nielsen, Tel: (+45)49-14-80-61, Email: Lars.MollerNielsen at ordning-reda.com

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