AFR Successfully Completes Trial Processing of Luisha South Stockpile With Processing of a 200 Tonne Bulk Sample Through a Modular Concentration Plant

By African Metals Corporation, PRNE
Thursday, May 19, 2011

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VANCOUVER, May 20, 2011 - African Metals Corporation ("AFR") is pleased to report that the Company
has successfully completed trial processing of a bulk sample of the historic
Luisha South stockpile. Approximately 200 tonnes of bulk sample grading
approximately 2% copper and 0.3% cobalt has been excavated and trucked to a
generator powered, modular concentration plant including a DMS (Dense Media
Separator) plant and gravity spirals.

The 200 tonne material produced a DMS concentrate grading approximately
32% copper, 1.2% cobalt; fines concentrate from spirals graded approximately
28% copper and 1.6% cobalt. The results highlight the economic potential of
processing the stockpile material using gravity based separation process

The bulk processing results will be used in conjunction with
metallurgical test results from METS-SGS in Perth, and a maiden resource
estimation which is expected in May, to produce a feasibility study and cash
flow model.

AFR aims to commence full time concentrate production by end Q3 2011, if
the study and cash flow modeling produce favorable scenarios.

Luisha South Project Stockpile RC Drilling

In October 2010, Magnum Drilling Sprl completed a 42 hole, Reverse
Circulation (RC) drilling program on top of the Luisha South stockpile. Based
on the positive assay results from the RC drilling program, and the
observation that the mineralization is of an oxide nature (malachite and
heterogenite), AFR has engaged METS and SGS in Perth, Australia, to conduct
metallurgical beneficiation test work aimed at producing a higher grade
concentrate amenable to conventional hydrometallurgical leaching. Test work
on ore characteristics and heavy media separation qualities has commenced,
with beneficiation results expected late May.

With the goal of commencing production of an oxide concentrate by the end
of Q3, 2011, AFR took an opportunity to run a bulk ore sample through a
nearby DMS Plant and spirals. The results of the bulk sample test run were to
be used in conjunction with the metallurgical beneficiation test work to
optimize copper and cobalt recovery.

An initial composite sample was selected to be processed through the DMS
plant. The composite sample represented coarse Reverse Circulation (RC) drill
chips collected from the stockpile drilling in 2010; the chips came from
holes drilled across the stockpile.

Approximately 300kg of composite drill material grading on average 0.3%
copper and 0.3% cobalt, was transported some 40km to a generator powered,
modular DMS (Dense Media Separator) plant and spirals near Likasi for

The DMS plant usually operated at an average through put of 50 tonnes of
ore per hour, with the spirals processing fines at a throughput rate of 60
tonnes of ore per hour. The plant was simple, and consisted of a Primary
Crushing Circuit (-150mm static grizzly screen, jaw crusher, conveyor system,
scrubber, -1.6mm double deck sizing screen); Spiral Plant (processing -1.6mm
fines); and DMS Plant (processing -27mm to +1.6mm material). The spiral bank
and conveyor system are shown in Photo 1 here:

Approximately four x 1kg samples were collected from four stages during
the DMS plant test run. The samples were dispatched to SGS laboratories in
Kalulushi, Zambia, where they were analyzed for copper and cobalt. The
results are listed in Table 1.

            Weight                    Cu  Co      Cu         Co
    Sample   (Kg)       Comment       %    %  Acid_sol_% acid_sol_%
                    BIN - pre DMS,
    P002458  1.12  composite average 0.3  0.3    0.3        0.2
                    SPIRAL - fines
    P002459  0.62       reject       1.6  0.1    1.4        0.1
                    SPIRAL - fines
    P002460  1.22     concentrate    4.7  0.2    4.5        0.2
    P002461  1.02   DMS concentrate  15.1 0.5   14.8        0.3
        Table 1: Luisha Stockpile RC - 300kg composite bulk sample for
                           DMS test work

The DMS plant produced a concentrate grading 15.1% Cu, 0.5% Co.

The Spirals concentrate of fine grained material produced a concentrate
grading 4.7% Cu, 0.2% Co. The results indicated that the DMS plant
successfully produced a higher grade concentrate.

The DMS process plant operations' team however considered the performance
of the DMS plant during the processing of the 300kg composite drill material
to have been below par; the plant and spirals struggled with the fine-grained
nature of the composite RC hammer sample, and the plant may have introduced
contamination issues. As a result the company decided to run another trial by
processing a 200 tonne bulk tonnage stockpile sample.

Approximately 200 tonnes of stockpile material grading on average 2%
copper and 0.2% cobalt, was excavated from the northern portion of the
stockpile. The stockpile sampling location is highlighted on Figures 1 and 2

Twenty-two truckloads of sample material was removed from the stockpile
and transported to the DMS plant for processing. The bulk tonnage sample was
successfully processed producing a high grade concentrate (Photo 2:

A total of 28 x 1kg (approximately) grab samples were collected from
various stages of the processing of the bulk sample; 22 samples originated
from the trucks hauling the samples whilst six were sourced from the DMS
plant during operations. All samples were dispatched to SGS laboratories in
Kalulushi, Zambia, for analysis. Results of the analysis summarized in Table

            Weight                             Cu    Co      Cu         Co
    Sample   (Kg)          Comment             %    %   Acid_sol_% acid_sol_%
    P002484  1.03      DMS concentrate       32.63 1.15   31.52       0.6
    P002485  1.04    Oversize DMS reject      1.58 0.24    1.57       0.21
    P002486  1.08   SPIRAL - fines reject     4.87 0.83    4.54       0.65
                        BIN - pre DMS,
    P002487  1.10     composite average       3.37 0.48    3.18       0.39
    P002488  1.06 SPIRAL - fines concentrate 28.74 1.61    24.6       1.1
    P002489  1.18    Undersize DMS reject     0.49 0.03    0.44       0.03
          Table 2: Luisha Stockpile RC - 200 Tonne bulk sample for DMS

The 200 tonne material produced a DMS concentrate grading approximately
32% copper, 1.2% cobalt; fines concentrate from spirals graded approximately
28% copper and 1.6% cobalt.

Results from the truck loads samples are summarized in Table 3. The
samples averaged approximately 4% copper and 0.6% cobalt.

            Weight             Cu    Co      Cu         Co
    Sample   (Kg)   Comment     %    %   Acid_sol_% acid_sol_%
    P002462  1.11  Truck Grab 2.86  0.34    2.84       0.24
    P002463  1.10  Truck Grab 2.82  0.66    2.8        0.49
    P002464  1.05  Truck Grab 3.89  0.66    3.84       0.49
    P002465  1.08  Truck Grab 3.02  0.46    2.94       0.34
    P002466  1.10  Truck Grab 2.12  0.36    1.84       0.22
    P002467  1.07  Truck Grab 0.64  0.38    6.09       0.25
    P002468  1.17  Truck Grab 16.78 1.35   16.12       0.89
    P002469  1.04  Truck Grab 2.88  0.64    2.74       0.47
    P002470  1.18  Truck Grab 4.76  0.56    4.52       0.38
    P002471  1.08  Truck Grab   3   0.39    2.93       0.27
    P002472  1.08  Truck Grab 3.67  0.85    3.54       0.56
    P002473  1.18  Truck Grab 4.26  0.94    4.19       0.65
    P002474  1.02  Truck Grab 4.85  0.83    4.83       0.6
    P002475  1.14  Truck Grab 3.15  0.35    2.97       0.22
    P002476  1.12  Truck Grab 2.55  0.41    2.29       0.28
    P002477  1.17  Truck Grab 5.99  0.81    5.76       0.56
    P002478  1.12  Truck Grab 3.57  0.54    3.43       0.37
    P002479  1.04  Truck Grab 4.34  0.55    4.26       0.41
    P002480  1.03  Truck Grab 3.06  0.56    3.06       0.37
    P002481  1.10  Truck Grab 3.12  0.39    2.93       0.27
    P002482  1.06  Truck Grab  3.5  0.52    3.41       0.36
    P002483  1.05  Truck Grab 2.73  0.39    2.55       0.31
    Average                   3.98  0.59    4.09       0.41
          Table 3: Luisha Stockpile RC - 200 Tonne bulk sample for DMS
  trial; grab sample analysis from 22 truckloads transporting sample to DMS

The results of the bulk tonnage trial highlight the economic potential of
processing the stockpile material using DMS plant and spiral technology.

AFR intends to estimate a copper and cobalt resource of the stockpile
based on the results of the RC drilling. The resource estimation is in
progress, and is expected to be issued during May.

AFR will report the metallurgical test results and resource estimation of
the stockpile as they become available.

Nigel Ferguson, AusIMM, President and CEO of the Company and a qualified
person under National Instrument 43-101, has verified data disclosed in this


"Nigel Ferguson"

Nigel Ferguson

President & CEO


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About African Metals Corporation.

African Metals Corporation [TSXV "AFR"] is a Canadian listed company
focused on the discovery and development of Copper and Cobalt deposits in the
highly mineralized Katanga Copper Belt of the world renowned Africa Copper
Belt in the Democratic Republic of Congo ("DRC").

AFR purchased all the assets of Chevalier Resources Inc. in March 2010
including a 57% interest in the Luisha South Project contained within licence
PEPM 4881, Katanga Provence, Democratic Republic of the Congo ("DRC") through
subsidiaries incorporated in the DRC. In July AFR negotiated a further 18%
interest in the project with the option to increase the equity interest to
90% based on results. The project is located 75 kilometres northwest of
Lubumbashi, the capital of Katanga Province and consists of approximately

The Luisha South Project includes a small historical open pit mine and
associated stockpile and is underlain by Roan Group sediments which host
major Cu-Co deposits in the DRC. The Luisha South ore body was explored
between 1923 and 1928 and an oxide deposit with an estimated pre-production
tonnage of approximately 350,000 tonnes at 8.6% Cu was delineated. The Luisha
Project also covers some three kilometres of the Roan Group strike length
which is favorable for Cu-Co mineralization. AFR is currently conducting
metallurgical tests on stockpile Reverse Circulation drill samples to
determine characteristics and heavy media separation qualities, with the aim
of commencing production of an oxide concentrate by the end of Q3 2011.

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