AM Financials s.a.l "Best Retail Forex Provider" in 2011

By Am Financials, PRNE
Sunday, April 17, 2011

AM Financials s.a.l Rises Again and Again Above Competition to be Chosen as the "Best Retail Forex Provider" in the Middle East by Arabcom Group, the Organizers of the 8th Middle East Forex Trading Expo & Conference 2011 in Dubai, UAE.

BEIRUT, April 18, 2011 - AM Financials (, a global leader in
electronic trading, announced today that it has been named as the Best Retail
Forex Provider at the 8th Middle East Forex Trading Expo & Conference 2011
that was held in Dubai on the 8th and 9th of April.

With the second award in less than two months, the fourth in less than
two years, and after being named as the best "Online Broker of the Year 2011"
in the MENA region by World Finance magazine, AM Financials scores again by
receiving the "Best Retail Forex Provider" award as another affirmation to
its success , transparency and commitment to best service. The vast variety
of high-tech online trading choices combined with a unique Trading Desk for
traditional traders sets AM Financials investment and trading systems to be
distinctive from all others.

Mohammed Al-Hamidi, Managing Director of AM Financials, commented: "AM
Financials was born 10 years ago to cover the growing market needs for all
types of investment services including online trading. This award attests
that the services we offer to financial industry's investors is what they
expect and value, and it definitely keeps encouraging us in our commitment to
deliver superior services, professional support, and a unique array of
investment tools".

Currently investing in many developments, the 2011 Best Retail Forex
Provider is starting to expand its presence and services all over the region.
"True that we offer state-of-the-art financial services to retail clients
globally but our platforms has been really efficient at providing white
labels to major regulated financial institutions and brokers around the
world; we are constantly looking forward to having other partners around the
globe," added Al-Hamidi.

AM financials current clients are apparently enjoying the clear
advantages of AM Financials investment tools and the customer service
experience that the company delivers. With AM Financials any new client will
instantly appreciate the care and consideration that have been built into the
heart of AM Financials' services, hence making clients' experience simple and

About AM Financials: AM Financials is a leading financial institution
that offers Online Trading (Forex, Equities, Options, and Futures) besides
personalized services in Investment Advisory, Portfolio Management, Custody,
Trade Execution, Credit Facilities and Banking Services. AM Financials s.a.l.
is a sister company for Al-Mawarid Bank s.a.l. which was established in 1980.
AM Financials s.a.l. is a Lebanese Financial Institution regulated and
licensed by the Lebanese Central Bank known as Banque du Liban (BDL). AM
Financials is on BDL's list of Operating Financial Institutions #31.

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