Private Sector Struggling to Meet Nationalisation Quota Set by the Government

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Thursday, April 14, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, April 15, 2011 - Since the introduction of nationalisation, the private sector
faced difficulties in achieving quota targets especially in technical
industries such as construction, oil and gas. IQPC's 6th Annual GCC
Nationalisation Summit, supported by the Emirates National Development
Programme and the British Council, will provide an interactive platform for
HR professionals to learn about best-practices and how to implement them into
their organisations.

Building a strong national workforce and growing human
capabilities is key for the GCC region in order to avoid any hurdles which
could arise in the future society. With many regional developments, there is
an increase in vacancies which create opportunities for local talent to
develop careers. The public and private sector must work hand in hand to
support nationalisation, however many key stakeholders believe that it all
starts with the right education and frame of mind. In an exclusive interview
with IQPC, Mr. Essa Al Mulla, Executive Director at the Emirates National
Development Programme said: "We now do more work with the local Emiratisation
department on introducing career counselling and guidance in the school
level. Many locals are dropping out of school and by not graduating from high
school, they are unable either to continue their higher education or to find
a good job." Mr. Al Mulla will be hosting an interactive panel discussion on
career guidance in public schools at the 6th Annual GCC Nationalisation
Summit, taking place from 24 - 27 April 2011 at the Grand Millennium, Dubai.
The summit will welcome experts from leading regional and international
organisations including ENDP, British Council, Al Futtaim Group, KPMG, EIBFS,
NIVE, Qatar Foundation, Schlumberger and many more.

Mr. Essa Al Mulla also mentioned: "Until today we don't have
any coordination between the different nationalisation programmes in the GCC
countries. I think that all of us feel we need to work towards one aim, one
objective, and this will be transferred to the private sector, which means
that we will have some sort of collaboration between the requirement of the
government and private sector. We need to consider the nationals who are in
the different GCC countries and make them part of this overall solution. If
we miss this one part from the triangle, then we will be missing a very
important element of the future development."

The summit will cover all aspects of the different
nationalisation challenges from highly educational and interactive workshops,
which will uncover practical solutions. For more information about the event,
please visit the website

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