American Express Business Insights Brings the Power of Consumer Spending Analytics to the UK

By American Express Business Insights, PRNE
Monday, April 4, 2011

Providing actual, aggregated consumer and business spending data, American Express Business Insights allows British businesses to make smarter decisions.

LONDON, April 5, 2011 - American Express Business Insights, the analytics and consulting arm of
American Express, today announced the expansion of its unique spend data
analytics to businesses in the United Kingdom. Based on actual spending
information of 90 million cardmembers in more than 125 global markets,
American Express Business Insights' proprietary analyses provide businesses
with critical, aggregated information about their customers, competitors and
marketplace. The power to access, measure and monitor purchasing trends for
both individual consumers and corporations, as well as across various
demographic groups and regions, enables a new level of strategic planning for
British businesses.

Sujata Bhatia, vice president of American Express Business Insights,
Europe, will lead the efforts of the newly expanded analytics unit in the UK.
Bhatia will be charged with helping UK-based businesses leverage American
Express Business Insights by providing merchants a clear window into the
wants and needs of their target consumer segments. By knowing where different
types of consumers are spending money - and conversely where they are not
purchasing - merchants can better position their business and develop
strategies for growth.

"Our ability to quickly identify and interpret trends across our global
network provides our customers with an unparalleled advantage in
understanding their customer base and ultimately helps them make more
strategic decisions," said Bhatia.

Businesses may leverage American Express Business Insights' spending data
to assess a variety of consumer scenarios and determine, for example:

    - Consumer spending preferences before and after the recession;
    - Share of consumers' wallets within an industry or region;
    - Spending behaviours of consumers on holiday; or
    - The placement of a specific type of restaurant in a hotel.

Formally launched in the United States in November 2009, American Express
Business Insights is housed within the American Express Global Merchant
Services unit. Led by Senior Vice President Edmond Jay, Business Insights is
already helping many of the world's largest retail, luxury, travel and
hospitality brands to leverage consumer spending data to stay ahead of the
competition and solve many of their most significant business issues.

The creation of American Express Business Insights and its global
expansion is part of a larger strategic move at American Express to place
greater emphasis on its role as a provider of services. "We think about the
American Express network as a community of relationships between consumers,
merchants, small businesses, corporate clients and issuing partners," added
Bhatia. "Connecting these communities, and using our resources and
capabilities for their benefit, has become American Express' true competitive

As part of its UK offerings, American Express Business Insights will
provide products and solutions in four main areas:

    - Customer intelligence - understanding actual, aggregated purchasing
    - Competitive intelligence - comparing performance against a set of
    - Market intelligence - understanding industry and marketplace trends;
    - Marketing effectiveness - building, executing and analysing more
      effective marketing programmes.

In keeping with American Express' privacy principles, all data analysis
is on an aggregate level and does not disclose any personally identifiable
information to merchants or partners for marketing purposes.

For more information about the capabilities of American Express Business
Insights, visit:

About American Express Business Insights

As part of the Global Merchant Services organisation within American
Express Company, American Express Business Insights provides in-depth,
actionable insights into consumer and business spending at the business,
industry and geographic levels, leveraging proprietary transaction data from
the American Express network of approximately 90 million cards in force
across over 125 markets.

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