Amplidata Introduces AmpliStor, Optimized Object Storage for Massive-Scale Unstructured Data

By Amplidata, PRNE
Monday, April 4, 2011

Unbreakable and Ultra-efficient Storage System Is Ideal for Active Archives, Online Applications and Storage Clouds. New AS20 Storage Appliance Has 20TB Capacity in 1U and Uses Less than 7 Watts per Terabyte.

SANTA CLARA, California, April 5, 2011 - Storage Networking World — Amplidata today unveiled the AmpliStor
Optimized Object Storage (OOS) system at Storage Networking World in Santa
Clara, California
. AmpliStor is purpose-built to address the surging demand
for petabyte- to exabyte-scale unstructured data storage for applications
such as active archives, online media applications and storage clouds.

AmpliStor solves critical reliability and data integrity problems for
high-density disk drives to enable unbreakable storage of large-scale data
with new levels of storage efficiency and low-cost. The system enables a
highly scalable, self-healing solution with virtually no limit on object
sizes or on the number of objects that can be managed and stored. AmpliStor
can seamlessly incorporate today and tomorrow's disk densities to enable the
lowest cost of ownership while future-proofing storage, thereby allowing
businesses to address current storage needs while preparing for future

The explosive growth of digital media assets in a wide range of
industries, including entertainment, manufacturing, finance, retail and
e-commerce, has created a need to store tens of petabytes of data and beyond
on a storage medium with much lower cost than traditional storage systems,
but with more convenience and better access characteristics than magnetic
tape. According to industry analysts, the need for large-scale storage and
archiving solutions has never been greater, with the Internet alone expected
to grow 35-fold to tens of zettabytes in the next decade, while the number of
skilled people available to manage this will remain largely flat. This will
require highly scalable and reliable storage systems that also provide high
levels of automation in storage management with low cost.

AmpliStor completely solves the high-reliability issues common with RAID
on multi-terabyte disk drives by utilizing Amplidata's BitSpread(TM)
technology to increase reliability by factors of 100,000 or more and nearly
eliminate the chance of data loss. The system provides policy-driven
reliability that enables tolerance against any number of faults, while
protecting data integrity and enabling access and availability to data even
during multiple simultaneous disk or storage node failures or data center
outages. Additionally, AmpliStor requires 50-70 percent less underlying
storage capacity to deliver this reliability, resulting in a cost savings of
up to 90 percent over existing competing solutions.

"Our new AS20 "green" storage node provides an industry-leading storage
density of 20TB per 1U at a new level of power-efficiency for disk-based
storage," said Wim De Wispelaere, CEO of Amplidata. "With power consumption
well under 7 Watts per terabyte, the AS20 will enable customers to build
massive-scale archive storage systems with the access performance and
convenience of disk, but with very low operational power, cooling and rack
space costs closer to those of tape."

"The rapidly accelerating demand for data storage has surpassed the
capabilities of RAID; its high usability cost has made it increasingly less
affordable even as its data protection becomes less reliable," said Marc
, president and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting. "For IT organizations
to stay ahead of their data storage demands, they will require an
ultra-reliable, high-performance storage solution that self-manages,
self-heals and scales for the billions of files or objects that need to be
stored securely. Amplidata's AmpliStor fills this void today."

AmpliStor provides native and easy-to-use object interfaces to provide
simple access to storage services, with a choice of http/REST, Python or C
language APIs. This allows AmpliStor services to be used natively from
web-based online applications, through a scriptable command line interface
(CLI) or embedded in VAR and OEM applications.

AmpliStor provides plug-and-play storage node scalability,
self-monitoring and healing technology on every storage node, through
BitDynamics(TM) software. The BitDynamics agent executes out-of-band to
perform continuous data integrity verification checks on the stored data,
optimize stored data and automatically self-heal the system in background and
in parallel to minimize impact on system performance while these tasks are

"Data storage challenges are increasing dramatically through the need to
manage mountains of data, and to deliver it effectively to massive numbers of
users," said Akash Zaraf, managing director and CEO of Zenith Infotech, LTD.
"AmpliStor provides us with the highest-levels of storage reliability, at a
new level of efficiency that enables Zenith Infotech to deliver
cost-effective solutions to our customers."

Key Features of AmpliStor

Unbreakable Storage

    - System is nearly impervious to data loss, with reliability
      levels 100,000+ times higher than RAID
    - Data integrity is continuously verified and assured through
    - Supports any level of fault-tolerance through user-driven
      reliability policies
    - Data is always protected and can be accessed even during multiple
      disk failures

Massively Scalable with Minimal Intervention

    - Ability to scale seamlessly to support hundreds of petabytes
      of storage
    - Supports billions of objects regardless of size
    - Scales out performance to gigabytes-per-second
    - Nearly zero human intervention required due to automated
      management and self-healing

Simple Object Access

    - Easy-to-use native object interfaces, including http/REST and
    - Simple PUT, GET, DELETE style access to storage services


    - Does not require multiple data copies or replication for
      reliability, reduces storage overhead and capex up to 70 percent
    - Less than 7 Watts per terabyte enables 90 percent less power
      consumption than traditional disk storage systems
    - Super-dense AS20 storage nodes with 20TB capacity in low-cost 1U
      rack-mount module

About Amplidata

Amplidata was founded in 2008 when a team of storage veterans started to
develop the technology that would become the foundation of AmpliStor, an
Optimized Object Storage system for unstructured data. The technology
provides the highest storage reliability and availability levels at the
lowest possible cost. AmpliStor scales beyond petabytes and requires 50-70%
less storage capacity to protect data compared to traditional solutions.

The Amplidata team consists of storage experts who also helped build the
success of DataCenter Technologies (acquired by Symantec in 2005) and
Dedigate (acquired by Terremark in 2005). The development team is responsible
for patent-pending distributed storage innovations. Amplidata has its
operational headquarters at the Innovation Center in IT Valley in Lochristi,
near Gent, Belgium. R&D are located in Belgium and India, sales and support
are represented in a number of countries in Europe and North America. More
information can be found at


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