Tablejungle: a New Platform to Optimise Restaurants Turnover

By Tablejungle, PRNE
Monday, March 28, 2011

COPENHAGEN, March 29, 2011 - is an evolution within restaurant marketing. It is the
first website enabling restaurants to offer attractive discounts to customers
for booking tables during off-peak hours, thereby optimising their resources.
The concept is already used in other businesses with great success, such as
the airline, hotel and holiday industries - anywhere a certain time slot can
trigger a special offer. will be the first to offer this
discount model to restaurants, working in real time, providing restaurants
with the possibility of increasing their revenues.

For the users there are great unique offers to be explored from the map
at hand (based on geographic location) or anywhere in the 17 countries in our
database. Place a booking completely free of charge and get a realtime
confirmation by SMS and e-mail. Users can also share their bookings on their
social media in order to tell their friends about or invite them to the

Our main objective is to create the largest database aimed only at
restaurants, similar to for the accommodation industry. Users will
be able to join specific "tribes" which they fill in and keep updated on
what's going on within that specific tribe in their surroundings.

Our startup is in beta phase and started in Denmark in 2009 with a
restaurant owner looking for a solution on how to fill up his restaurants all
hours of the day, every day.

Today we have more than 6,000 restaurants in our database and we are able
to expand to 28,000 in the near future, including the main US market with the
integration of the mayor booking services Opentable as well as Toptable as
they now have the same owners. Our next step will be to welcome all other
restaurants that want to join us even without a booking service.

Key Advisors:

Our key advisors include: Ashley Raiteri, recently CTO at Everbread
(Morten Lund's latest venture), Arican Wegter, who recently sold "LoveFilm"
to Amazon, and Jonas Aradsson from, the largest Scandinavian
real-estate portal.

This is a short introduction video of the concept:

At the moment local investors in Denmark have shown great interest in
Tablejungle, but we are looking for large foreign investments, too, in order
to implement functionalities and features as well as going mobile.

You are more than welcome to contact us for more information and we will
be pleased to receive your feedback.


    Elio Zardini

Contact: Elio Zardini, Founder, info at, Media contact details, Tel: +45-262-731-46, elio at

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