Amir of Kuwait Issues Stern Warning Against Political Strife

By Al Madar, PRNE
Friday, June 17, 2011

KUWAIT CITY, June 18, 2011 -

In an href="">
address to the nation, His
Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber issued a stern
warning this week about internal political strife.

“Dear brothers, sisters and sons, you may have followed the
practices which took place at the National Assembly (parliament),”
the Amir said. “These are very serious and harmful practices that
went beyond the parameters of the constitution and the national
interests; they are after mere personal political gains. Some (MPs)
overshot the controls, set by the constitution to protect democracy
and freedom, and deviated from the genuine values of Kuwait
society, such as respect for the law and constitution and
commitment to decency.”

The Amir reiterated his support for the constitution of Kuwait
and its democratic structure. He cautioned against “destructive
ideas” and those who “jeopardize our unity and security.” On a
positive note, the Amir discussed his keen interest in building a
better future for Kuwait.

“When we talk about Kuwait’s security and future, we should
stress that our youth are the real guarantee of security and
guardians of its future,” the Amir said. “Youth represent the
renewable resource and the generating power for Kuwait at present
and in the future.”

Reaction to the speech from around Kuwait was quite positive.
Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Ali Al-Rashed told news
agency KUNA that the Amir understands what is on the minds of the
people. “It was a parental and comprehensive speech that revealed
the concerns of the people of Kuwait from the deviant acts taking
place on the political arena,” Al-Rashed href="">

“All should shoulder the responsibility of translating HH the
Amir’s calls and advices into real actions to protect Kuwait’s
security and stability through focusing on building and serving our
country and refraining from doing any fruitless and harmful
action,” said Minister of Education and Minister of Higher
Education Ahmad Al-Mulaifi.  

Across the government, several other ministers expressed
agreement with the Amir’s statements. One example was Minister of
Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Dr. Fahdel
Safar who told href="">
KUNA that the speech reflected honest pronouncements about the
protection of Kuwait and its people.

Throughout parliament, a wide variety of MPs echoed the
sentiments of the Amir and praised him for the straightforward
assessment of Kuwait. The speaker of parliament, Jassem Al-Khorafi,
thanked the Amir for the speech and said the Kuwaiti leader’s words
were useful href="">
during turbulent times. MP Abdulrahman Al-Anjari, who has been
critical of the government, said the MPs empathize with the Amir
and understand the complexities presented in the speech. He thanked
the Amir for protecting the constitution.

Similar messages were conveyed earlier this week by href="">His Highness the Prime
Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who href="">
spoke of the need for Kuwaitis to be faithful to the nation’s
constitution. The prime minister noted how prosperous Kuwait has
been since independence.


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