Amplidata and ReelData Join Forces to Enable Scalable, Active Archive Solutions for Media and Entertainment

By Amplidata, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

ReelData Joins Amplidata VAR Program: Integrates the AmpliStor Optimized Object Storage (OOS) System in Archive System for Scalable, Efficient Media Data Storage

LAS VEGAS, April 12, 2011 - NAB Conference — Amplidata and ReelData today announced that ReelData
will integrate the AmpliStor Optimized Object Storage system into its MediaDB
Production Database product line to provide massively scalable and efficient
storage solutions for active media archives. Through this integration,
ReelData provides customers with a new tier of near-line storage media that
is optimized for active archives, with the convenience and performance of
disk and unbreakable reliability at a new low cost of ownership that is close
to that of tape. ReelData also has joined the Amplidata VAR program to
leverage Amplidata's training and support services.

An explosion of digital media assets is occurring in the entertainment
industry, driven by new high-resolution video formats. The need to
efficiently and reliably store petabytes and beyond is now required to
address the growth of large data files in television and movie production.

AmpliStor is purpose-built for large-scale data, such as video, while
providing the highest levels of reliability at low cost. The system provides
a powerful alternative to magnetic tape media, including high-performance
access, continuous data integrity verification and assurance and automated
migration capabilities.

AmpliStor leverages the low cost of today's multi-terabyte disk drives
and solves critical reliability limitations in today's storage technology on
these drives. AmpliStor does not require the overhead or cost of storing
files multiple times in order to achieve reliability. With this capability,
AmpliStor provides industry-leading power-efficiency capability with a system
requiring less than seven watts per terabyte of storage. This provides
customers the ability to make significant reductions in the cost of power and
cooling of large-scale media assets over competing disk-based solutions and
provides an effective way to store data on spinning media at a very low
operational cost.

"For large-scale media files that are maintained and accessed for periods
of years, users need a storage solution that is both reliable and
cost-effective," said Wim De Wispelaere, CEO of Amplidata. "By solving the
key reliability and scalability problems on high-density, low-cost disk
drives, AmpliStor enables a new tier of near-line storage that is optimal for
these active media archives."

"The rapidly accelerating digital data storage growth in television
production has made current storage solutions unwieldy and costly, even as
they have difficulty in scaling to meet our capacity requirements," said Jeff
, co-founder, ReelData, Inc. "The combination of ReelData's MediaDB
Production Database products and AmpliStor will provide our customers with
powerful advantages for managing large-scale video data with dramatically
simplified management at an affordable cost."

AmpliStor also makes large-scale storage management easy for end-users
through plug- and-play storage node scalability, self-monitoring and healing
technology on every storage node, through its BitDynamics(TM) software. To
protect critical media assets, the agent executes out-of-band to perform
continuous data integrity verification checks on the stored data, to ensure
that long-term archives are fully protected from any form of loss or

About Amplidata

Amplidata was founded in 2008 when a team of storage veterans started to
develop the technology that would become the foundation of AmpliStor, an
Optimized Object Storage system for unstructured data. The technology
provides the highest storage reliability and availability levels at the
lowest possible cost. AmpliStor scales beyond petabytes and requires 50-70%
less storage capacity to protect data compared to traditional solutions.

The Amplidata team consists of storage experts who also helped build the
success of DataCenter Technologies (acquired by Symantec in 2005) and
Dedigate (acquired by Terremark in 2005). The development team is responsible
for patent-pending distributed storage innovations. Amplidata has its
operational headquarters at the Innovation Center in IT Valley in Lochristi,
near Gent, Belgium. R&D are located in Belgium and India, sales and support
are represented in a number of countries in Europe and North America. More
information can be found at

About ReelData

ReelData manufactures, sells and supports products that focus on the
needs of production organizations throughout the entertainment industry.
Based in Hollywood, CA, established in 2002, ReelData co-founders Joe Lewis
and Jeff Spalla spent years editing and engineering TV facilities and post
production facilities before they teamed up to create database systems for TV
and Motion Picture production. Television shows like "The Doctors" and "The
Dr. Phil Show" rely on products by ReelData to manage their growing digital
assets and metadata. ReelData provides cloud based and private network
solutions, specializing in production work flow management for larger TV
shows and production groups. Key products include "MediaDB" Database
Solutions, "MediaDB Ingestor" realtime HD media capture and transcoding
products, MediaDB Data Servers, and MediaDB Storage Systems. MediaDB software
is cross platform, running on virtually computer all operating systems, using
open source components, and offering comprehensive data management options to
handle the rigors of modern production environments. ReelData also provides
professional services for customization and system integration.

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