Blancco and IQ Reseller Join Forces to Simplify Processes in Data Erasure and IT Asset Disposal

By Blancco Oy Ltd., PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

Certified and Secure Data Erasure From Blancco Complements IQ Reseller's Unique ERP Offering

JOENSUU, Finland, April 12, 2011 - Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions,
has announced a strategic partnership with U.S.-based IQ reseller, a provider
of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for IT asset disposal
(ITAD) specialists, resellers and recyclers. By integrating with Blancco's
data erasure software, the IQ reseller ERP system obtains hardware details
needed for re-marketing computer and other hard drives, while securely
erasing all information to eliminate the potential risk of data breaches and

Both Kim Vaisanen, CEO and Co-Founder of Blancco, and Bill Blegen,
President of IQ reseller, believe the complementary nature of Blancco and IQ
reseller software supports the niche market of IT resale and refurbishment
with out-of-the-box efficiencies that are unrivaled in the industry.

"As developer of the world's most certified data erasure solutions, we
are excited to join forces with IQ reseller in bringing Blancco's proven
technology to an expanded group of recyclers and ITADs worldwide," said Kim
, CEO of Blancco. "This relationship ensures Blancco's software
shares essential information for the hardware sales process with the IQ
reseller system in an easy-to-use, searchable format, while also creating
erasure reports for customers who entrust resellers with secure
end-of-lifecycle processes as part of IT asset management policy."

The IQ reseller ERP system works with Blancco Management Console, an
online solution for handling all aspects of IT asset disposal within a
WAN/LAN, including hardware IT asset management and data erasure reporting.
The console integrates with the IQ reseller system to support user creation
of default attribute templates for a wide range of IT assets, ranging from
notebooks and rack mount servers to blade servers and smartphones. Each
serialized IT asset is populated with up to 20 of the most critical
attributes for maximizing remarketing value in online auction sites like
eBay, or in the seller Ecommerce storefronts. IQ reseller's detailed
attribute inventory can be linked to Ecommerce stores to provide buyers the
ability to search and purchase IT assets not simply by category or
manufacturer, but also by attributes such as processor type and speed, memory
type and speed, disk capacity, screen size, video card type, operating system
or any other attribute of interest to potential buyers.

In addition, Blancco Management Console provides resellers and recyclers
with comprehensive erasure reports they can send customers as proof of data
removal for compliance with a growing number of data protection regulations.

"Our relationship with Blancco is a natural fit, as we serve the IT
hardware reseller or recycler with technology specifically designed to
expedite processing and remarketing of IT assets while maximizing
profitability," said Bill Blegen, President of IQ reseller. "Integrating IQ
reseller and Blancco functionality will save a tremendous amount of work for
resellers who need such relevant data for their sales processes and to
provide customers secure services. In addition, those recyclers who
previously sold goods by the pallet and pound to other IT resellers on a
wholesale basis will now have the capability to dramatically increase margins
by selling directly to end user customers."

As the world's most certified data erasure software, Blancco's data
erasure solutions adhere to all major government and military erasure
standards for overwriting data on hard drives. Blancco software removes all
data - even on hidden and remapped sectors - while providing a detailed,
auditable erasure report for proof of compliance. From computers and servers
to smartphones, netbooks and mass storage devices, Blancco solutions deliver
advanced data erasure technology to the widest range of hardware in the

About Blancco

Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around
the globe. As the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions,
Blancco offers the most certified data erasure solutions within the industry.
The company serves users across a wide range of industries, including
banking, finance, government and defence. The company's products are highly
valued by IT asset disposal professionals around the world. Blancco operates
from an extensive network of international offices and partners across
Europe, North America, Asia, and Australasia. More information is available

About IQ reseller

IQ reseller provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) software
specifically designed for IT resellers and recyclerswho sell, service and
maintain the global IT infrastructure, including IT asset disposal (ITAD)
professionals. Developed to replace generic accounting software and
mid-market applications, IQ reseller software contains critical features and
technology unavailable in other products that work to provide the most
accurate serialized inventory system available. Comprised of modules for
management and analysis of inventory, shipments, customer relationships,
e-purchasing, data erasure, and key performance indicators, IQ reseller helps
decrease costs, improve customer service levels, and increase revenue for
more than 1400 ITADs, resellers and recyclers 7 worldwide. It is tightly
integrated with PowerSource Online, BrokerBin, ChannelOnline, UPS, FedEx, and
USPS. More information is available at

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    IQ reseller
    Bill Blegen
    President of IQ reseller

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