ANDTEK: Smart Contact Search

By Andtek Gmbh, PRNE
Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Multidisciplinary Search Function Included in ANDTEK's Attendant Console Solution Guarantees a Reliable Call Forwarding

MUNICH and HALLBERGMOOS, Germany, March 28, 2011 - ANDTEK GmbH developed a unique, innovative and extremely comfortable
function for their attendant console solution "AND Desktop AC". Users cannot
only do a lateral search for certain contacts through all corporate
directories now but they have the possibility to enter various auxiliary
parameters and filter by multiple criterias at once. By means of this
multilateral search it is possible e.g. to trace within seconds which person
is working in the same branch, in which department and in which room. This is
very important in case of occupied phone extensions or absent employees.
Additionally the call can be forwarded immediately to a substitute.

In case of incoming phone calls the attendant instantly has an overview
about the status of all phones within the company. The attendant can also see
whether a workplace is occupied.

In case the requested workplace is not occupied, the attendant has the
possibility to start a comfortable and extremely fast search for a
substitute. Initially the attendant defines the parameters used for the
multilateral search and all subsequent searches are using these parameters

With just one click the attendant will be displayed the results i.e. the
names and phone numbers of the substitutes working in the same
office/branch/room as the requested contact person.

The attendant console software "AND Desktop AC" is supported for all
current Windows operating systems and is highly scalable. Enterprises can
start with just one attendant console and simply extend attendant console
services at any time and as required. A version to be used on a workplace for
blind persons is also available.

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