Feature Phone Mobile App Company biNu Reaches 1 Million Unique Users in Less Than 6 Months

By Binu Pty Ltd, PRNE
Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cloud-based Mobile App Platform Brings Internet Services to 95% of the World's Mobile Phone Users Who Don't Have Smart Phones or PCs

SYDNEY, March 25, 2011 - Less than 6 months after launching its service, feature phone mobile app
company biNu (www.binu.com) has reached 1 million unique users per
month, with a current growth rate of over 40% month on month.

biNu provides simple, ultra-fast access to popular Internet services such
as Google Search, Google Translate, Wordnik Dictionary, Wikipedia, News,
Weather, Cricket & Soccer scores, exchange rates, mobile app stores as well
as SMS services.

biNu's 1 million unique monthly users come from over 150 countries with
top markets including India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA
and Nigeria. This diverse popularity stems from biNu's ability to display
content in any language on any handset with many popular services in Hindi,
Tamil, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Chinese and other Asian languages.

New research from Asymco (
rst) shows there are 3.5 billion mobile subscribers in emerging and
developing nations without smart phones or mobile broadband. While the
feature phones they use are data capable, it is not easy, fast or cheap to
access Internet services. Even in the U.S., 72% of mobiles are feature

Snaptu - acquired earlier this week by Facebook - shares biNu's focus of
providing Internet services to the 95% of mobile users that don't use smart
phones. In addition biNu offers an open developer platform (
www.developer.binu.com) which means any organisation or developer can
utilize the biNu platform to dramatically improve access to Internet based
services for feature phone users.

"Facebook's acquisition of Snaptu highlights the strategic value of
providing a much better way to deliver Internet services to 3.5 billion
feature phone users. But you don't have to buy a company like Snaptu to do
it," said Gour Lentell, CEO for biNu. "Our strategy is to provide an open
development platform that companies and developers can use to deliver a more
effective mobile Internet experience."

The biNu mobile app delivers ultra-fast, easy-to-use, multi-lingual
Internet services to virtually any mobile phone, from mass-market feature
phones through to Android smart phones, with Blackberry support coming soon.

The end-user biNu experience is 5-10 times faster - using much less
bandwidth - compared with the standard browsing experience on 2G feature
phones. There is minimal processing performed on the user's mobile device
with 100% application processing performed on biNu's cloud-based servers.

To demonstrate the speed and ease of use of biNu, the company has created
a video demonstration at www.binu.com/demo comparing the performance
of a Google Search on biNu compared to Google Search in a standard mobile web

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