Athens Named "World's Most Flirtatious City"; London 57th: Global Study

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Analyses 12m Online Flirtations in 180 Countries

LONDON, March 2, 2011 - Athens is today named the "world's most flirtatious city" by the
compilers of the largest ever study of online flirting. London fails to make
the world top 50, ranking 57th.

The study of "flirtation behaviour" worldwide analyses 12 million
flirtations made during a month on (, the
world's largest social networking site for meeting new people, with 108
million users chatting and flirting in 180 countries.

Athens tops Badoo's "World Flirtation League", which ranks nearly 200
cities by the number of online flirtations initiated per month by the average
user in each.

Moscow ranks second, Rome 8th, Paris 38th and New York 89th.

The average Badoo user in Athens initiates 25.7 online flirtations per
month - twice as many as in Rio (12.4) or Prague (12.6) and far more than in
Paris (20.7), London (19.0) or New York (16.1).

Tunis, birthplace of the "Jasmine Revolution", is among three Arab cities
(Kuwait, Tunis, Beirut) to make the world top 10, with three former Soviet
ones (Moscow, Kiev, Baku) and three Italian (Turin, Rome, Bari).

"Athens was the birthplace of Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and Western
philosophy itself", says Lloyd Price, Badoo's Director of Marketing. "Once
again, it leads the world."

Dr Simon Hardy, author of "The Greeks, Eroticism and Ourselves",
comments: "It's probably fair to say that the Athenians perfected the art of
flirtation in ancient times, especially at the time of symposia [flirtatious
drinking parties] described by Plato."

Modern Athenians have continued the tradition, says Victoria
Kyriakopoulous, author of The Lonely Planet Guide to Athens: "Athens is a
seductive city, with a hedonistic lifestyle. Flirting and sexual banter are
part of social interaction."

"Old Athenians flirt. Married ones flirt. Now, young Athenians are simply
using technology to do what Athenians have always done."


    RANK CITY            SCORE*
    1    Athens          25.7
    2    Moscow          25.5
    3    Kuwait City     25.4
    4    Baku            24.9
    5    Tunis           24.7
    6    Kiev            24.5
    7    Beirut          24.0
    8=   Turin           23.7
    8=   Rome            23.7
    10   Bari            23.6

* Number of flirtations initiated monthly by average Badoo user there.


    RANK CITY            SCORE
    38   Paris           20.7
    47   Montreal        19.9
    57   London          19.0
    79   Berlin          17.7
    89   New York        16.1
    151  Rio             12.4


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