NTT Com to Open Branch Offices in Dubai and Warsaw

By Ntt Communications Corporation, PRNE
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Also Renames All Branch Offices of NTT Europe -

TOKYO, March 2, 2011 - NTT Communications (NTT Com) announced on March 2 that it will open its
branch office under its subsidiary NTT Europe Ltd. in Warsaw, Poland in March
- the exact opening date to be announced - following in Dubai, UAE on
February 16.

The NTT Communications Dubai representative office (established December
) and the Warsaw representative office (established April 2007) will
transfer their businesses to NTT Europe Ltd. UAE and NTT Europe Ltd. Poland,
respectively, before being closed.

Until now, clients in the Dubai and Warsaw areas have been supported with
market research and ICT solutions from other offices. The new branch offices
will offer more varied and specific services and support to the increasing
number of Japanese and other multinational companies now operating in the
growing economies of these two regions.

NTT Com also announced on March 2 that all existing branch offices of NTT
Europe have been renamed by country of location (please see below) to reflect
their deeper reach into the economies of their host countries.

NTT Europe UAE, led by Tsuyoshi Iwai, will provide companies in the
Middle East with ICT solution services that incorporate networks and system
integration. It will be located at No. 106, Alpha Building, EIB-05, Dubai
Internet City, P.O. Box 503002, Dubai, U.A.E.

NTT Europe Poland, led by Manabi Taniguchi, will provide companies in
Eastern Europe with services for networks, system integration and ICT
solutions. It will be located at LIM Center, 3rd floor, Office no. 03-276,
Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warszawa, Poland.

"Our new branch offices in Dubai and Warsaw will enable us to provide
more comprehensive service and support to meet the increasing needs of
customers in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as well as further
strengthen our overall global business capabilities," said Masaaki
, Managing Director of NTT Europe.

The two new branches will give NTT Com offices in 30 cities of 15
countries in Europe and the Middle East, including Integralis AG in Germany
and Secode AB in Sweden. Worldwide (except Japan) it will have offices in 73
cities of 29 countries/regions.

    New Branch Name [Old Name]

    NTT Europe Ltd.
      [NTT Europe Ltd. London headquarter and NTT Europe Ltd. London branch]

    NTT Europe Ltd. (France)
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Paris Branch]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Germany (Frankfurt Office)
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Frankfurt Branch]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Germany (Munich Office)
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Frankfurt Branch (Munich Office)]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Germany (Regensburg Office)
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Frankfurt Branch (Regensburg Office)]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Germany (Dusseldorf Office)
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Dusseldorf Branch]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Netherlands
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Amsterdam Branch]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Belgium
      [NTT Europe Ltd., Brussels Branch]

    NTT Europe srl (Barcelona Office)
      [NTT Europe Online S.R.L., Barcelona Office]

    NTT Europe srl (Madrid Office)
      [NTT Europe Online S.R.L., Madrid Office]

    NTT Europe Ltd., UAE
      [NTT Communications Dubai Representative Office]

    NTT Europe Ltd., Poland
      [NTT Communications Warsaw Representative Office]

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