Augmenting Live Training with Realistic, Flexible and Cost Effective Synthetic

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

LONDON, June 29, 2011 -


Now in its 4th success year, Joint Simulation and
Training attracts senior military figures from leading Armed Forces
including US Marine Corps, Italian Air Force, French Army, Swedish
Armed Forces and UK MoD. The main discussion point will be how the
armed forces globally are using or plan to use the latest and
future href="">
technologies for href="">
live, href="">
virtual and href="">
constructive training throughout their training cycle and how
we can achieve effective blended training, href="">
Value for Money Procurement, interoperability, the use of
simulators for pre-deployment and mission rehearsals.

One of the key elements of this symposium will be to explore how
to effectively use distributed, href="">
serious gaming and e-learning technologies in the training
syllabus. As such, case studies from organisations such as the UK
MoD’s Joint Services Command and the Norwegian Military Academy
will be presented on the economical acquisition, integration, use
of COTS and the potential benefits of new learning aides.

Furthermore, Colonel Dennis Thompson, Director of MAGTF Training
Simulation, US Marine Corps will be briefing delegates of
successfully blending live, virtual and constructive training which
will include a session on the importance of training design to use
the right LVC tools at the right time throughout a training
program. Representatives from the UK MoD will then discuss
achieving value for money procurement in flexible training
solutions by the use of procedural simulators to maximize training
time and avoid failure as well as balancing cost with the fidelity
of new systems.

The symposium has attracted key decision makers from military
and industry organisations to learn and share their experiences and
find out key solutions to deliver those training programs cost

If you would like to find out further information on the event,
visit href="">
 or call: +44(0)207-368-9300.


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