Augure Blends Social Engagement Into its Corporate Reputation Management Suite

By Augure, PRNE
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

PARIS, May 11, 2011 - Augure, the European leader in software solutions for Enterprise
Reputation Management, announced today the release of version 6 of their
Augure ERM ( stakeholder engagement products suite.

This new release introduces major new features for the
integration of social media in the stakeholder engagement cycle, management
of stakeholder history and the measurement of the impact of PR activity on
engagement, website traffic and corporate reputation.

Social sharing features include:

- Publication of PR material such as news releases, brochures
and online landing pages on all major social media including Facebook
profiles and pages, Twitter, Linkedin and other networks as well blogging
platforms directly from the ComSuite dashboard.

- Tracking of reach of and traffic from each individual social
publication consolidated at the document level as well as at the project and
campaign levels.

- Integration of social sharing in the same process as wire
and email distribution as well as more traditional distribution methods.

- Visualization of the impact of social sharing on website
traffic, media coverage and reputation levels.

- Monitoring of stakeholder social media and online feeds.

- Benchmarking of the relative efficiencies of email and
social sharing.

This release is an extension to the existing public relations
and reputation management suite which helps businesses reach and engage with
their most influent stakeholders through all available channels and increase
media coverage. It also helps users evaluate the quality of their
relationship with key stakeholders and analyze the efficiency of their
outreach and public relations activities.

About Augure

Founded in 2002, Augure is the architect of the leading global
ERM (Enterprise Reputation Management) solution. The collaborative solution
offered by Augure in SaaS mode is oriented towards communications directors,
public affairs and marketing teams of large enterprises. It includes a
monitoring service for key stakeholders (political leaders, journalists,
experts, bloggers, NGOs, etc.) with online and offline sources (written
press, radio, TC, internet media, blogs, forums, social networks) in 24
languages. An operational management suite is also available for the analysis
of communications actions and to measure your reputation. Augure's solution
is used daily by more than 350 global companies including Nissan,
International Motor Group, HSBC, Nokia France, L'Oréal, Nestlé, Cartier,
Marks and Spencer and the European Parliament.

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